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A Curse To Dog Le Bron James For His Self Serving Exit.

Updated on July 19, 2010

Le Bron's New Cleveland Image-(C)-2010-MFB III

My caricature of a player who I once admired greatly. It does not bear any resemblance to the man I thought he was.
My caricature of a player who I once admired greatly. It does not bear any resemblance to the man I thought he was.

Hail to all the

bronze Gods of fallen cities

pour out your wrath

on his errant path

with a curse that will

follow his hollow soul.


Let the bad Karma from Parma

ooze its tackiness upon Lebron

Leached out from all of the plastic

and living flamingos

that dot Miami's landscape.


Let the grieving of Cleveland

all those gallons of saline tears

become endless sweat

on his furrowed brow.


Breaching his

sponsors headbands,

blinding him in every game

as his basketballs

take Chagrined Falls

far short of the hoops.


Leaving his once glorious skills

as empty as Gund Arena

come this winter season.


There was nothing

Cavalier about his exit,

he held a team hostage

for weeks unable to

seek out free agents

or build upon his loss.


He traded the glory of

winning a championship

in the style of the

great Micheal Jordan

for an easier path.


A leaning on two others

to achieve perhaps

just 1/3 of a ring.


Witness becomes witless,

Le brawn but no brains.


The curse will follow him,

slapping down the oiled palms

of that franchise that aquired him

with its dark shadows.


Even now it moves beastlike

around the West coast shores.


It too numbers

in the millions

much like Le Cons salary.


Black gold leeching

onto fine white sand

eventually tainting

Miami's coastlines.


Closing down the beaches

and the fishing industries.

Its residents left to

gaze from condos and hi-rises

over a rainbow sheen of despair.


Greed is drawn to the greedy

and Le Bomb will be

the King of a ghost town

as Cleveland shouts

"Where's your Crown, King Nothing."


He went from being King Lebron

in a vast, vibrant realm of admirers

to becoming Le Pawn.


Part and parcel of

a three headed beast

that is bent on devouring

millions of his former fans.


But The steel town of

Cleveland that he played

out his tinpan melody on

will survive the passing of

their curse upon his shoulders.


He will become the "DUH??!!

in Florida as he fails to meet

the Heats Expectaions .


He will also face the

wrath of his old fans,

like bloodthirsty Romans

in a coliseum they will

call for his failure

and bruise his ego

with endless taunts.


Then the gladiators

he once teamed with

will beat him slowly

into submission with

every turn that he makes

in his once royal court.


Oh, the glory of watching

his best shots "DENIED !!"


The Knicks, and the

Nets will overwhelm him

for his spurning

of their offers.


The Bulls will run

rampant over him,

his elbows and his

entire body a target,

each arena a dungeon of pain.


Bosch will become bashed,

Wade will be unable

to wade through

the defensive wall,

and the offensive wrath against

these three mouseketeers.


Eventually Le Bron

will wind up Le Gone.


He will watch his

beloved game from afar

on some bar's big screen T.V.

drowning his sorrow in beer.


Crunching not victory

but instead reduced to

enjoying some stale

champion chips

as the game goes

on without him.


He came from Bath, Ohio,

and will return there

after he takes a bath

in the wallows of despair.


All in pursuit of the ring

which will become a choke collar

that will dog the rest of his days.


Oh, great bronze

gods of cities fallen,

grant me this plea,

like Jonah let him bring

only storms to Miami.


Let him be cast

from his champion ship

Mid journey and

be swallowed

by the whales of

catcalls and derision.


Let him eventually

be spewed back out

into the great Lake Erie ,

and have to wallow there

in the vomitus

of his own great decision.


From a former fan of the James Gang ~~

©-2010- ArtWhimsically Yours studio ~~~MFB III



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    • ladyjane1 profile image

      ladyjane1 7 years ago from Texas

      Very nice job here MFB. I don't follow sports so don't really have an opinion about this man one way or the other but he sure has been on the news a lot lately and has infuriated people. Cheers.

    • Sa`ge profile image

      Sa`ge 7 years ago from Barefoot Island

      i do not understand the sports world so i guess I have not much to say although i must say this is a well wrote and good read poetic rant on fare play or not! Is all I can say. at least it is honest feelings poured out. Love it for what it is even if i dont understand it. ~aloha~

    • lcoffie profile image

      lcoffie 7 years ago from New Orleans

      Lebron has played in Cleveland since he was a kid. Its time for him to leave the nest and challenge his self.

    • lcoffie profile image

      lcoffie 7 years ago from New Orleans

      well hey sports and life or the same as well. 15 years use to be a career now people chose to gain more knowledge and more skills. Because careers are like 5 years max these days. So to complain about Lebron chosin Miami, we would do the same also if a company was offering us more benifits or growth potential.

    • Deborah Demander profile image

      Deborah Demander 7 years ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

      You are absolutely correct. A big problem with pro sports these days, in my humble opinion, NO LOYALTY. Everyone chases after the almighty dollar, forgetting the little guys who stood behind them to support the rise to infamy.

      I am a huge fan of you.

      Namaste friend.

    • profile image

      always exploring 7 years ago

      Wow, i,m not a fan, but i like what u said, i would hate for u to get mad at me hee

      Cheers Friend