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A Day in the Life of a Dawg

Updated on November 15, 2014

The Birth of a Dawg

Growing up in state puts you at an early advantage to cheer for the state school. After all, what merchandise do you think is available to a kid wanting a new football or football helmet. This is one of those that is definitely driven by environment. But, once you get to visit Athens, experience that game day atmosphere, and walk around down town at night, you're childhood posing becomes more genuine.

Isn't he cute!

The Big Day

OK, so it's November 1, the day of the yearly outdoor coctail party in Gainesville, Florida. They call it “The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party." And as great as that nickname is, the on-the-field action of the Florida-Georgia rivalry has been even better.

No idea what I'm talking about? Every year, UGA and UFL play a game at a supposedly neutral field in Florida. Newspaper columnist Bill Kastelz first to called the Georgia-Florida game, “The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party” back in the 1950s, soon after Kastelz, while covering the game, spotted a drunken tailgaiter offer a drink to a policeman. That part, I don't get in to. But, what is definitely fun is the party part. For us, that usually means hanging out with some good friends and cooking some special snacks to eat during the game.

Florida and Georgia first met in 1914. Through the 2007 season, Georgia held a 46-37-2 advantage in the series.

This is tradition, after all. No scheduling other commitments on this day.

The Key Elements

  • Your team
  • the Screen
  • Friends
  • Food

Neutral Field

So, theoretically the advantage of a field is due only to the crowd. For this game, it's split 50/50. That is, until people resell tickets. Then, it's obviously easier to buy said tickets at the game, in Florida.

  • Advantage: Florida

But, you can't neglect that Georgia travels 4 hours while Florida travels 1.

  • Advantage: Florida

And, that everywhere that they go leading up to the game, they're surrounded by Florida fans in their home state.

  • Advantage: Florida

So, now that I've set you up for this one, how about taking the poll below. If you have another idea, go ahead and add a comment at the bottom of this page and let me know what your idea is.

show route and directions
A markerUniversity of Georgia -
Athens, GA, USA
get directions

B markerUniversity of Florida -
Gainesville, FL, USA
get directions

C markerCoctail party -
Jacksonville, FL, USA
get directions

Where to Play

Do you think the GA/FL game should be played in Atlanta on alternating years?

See results

A true rivalry

Richt added some fire to an already fiery rivalry in 2007, when he pulled a highly controversial stunt that drew the ire of both Florida fans and many commentators.

In a move he said was designed to give his squad an emotional edge in the game, Richt ordered his entire team—as in, every player on the Georgia sideline—out on to the field to celebrate the team’s first touchdown. The move cost Georgia a 15-yard excessive celebration penalty, but apparently worked precisely as Richt hoped it would. The Dawgs went on to upset Florida, 42-30.
Meyer says that he'll always remember it, and so will Florida. Waa, waa! Do you remember now that you're coaching Ohio? Wimper.

Go Dawgs!

The game

Florida will start a brand new quarterback. The 5-foot-11 Harris offers the Gators a more mobile option from under center, and Georgia will have to be prepared to stop his scrambling ability. I can say with near certainty that Florida will run at least one gimmick play in this game. A fake punt, field goal, or onside kick will inevitably happen.

Now, don't even get me started on the Todd Gurley suspension. Was he dumb for breaking the rules? Sure. Did he put himself ahead of his teammates? Yes. Is the thought of exploiting student athletes' name and reputation and not giving them a share of the earnings from their own name despicable? UNQUESTIONABLY, YES. OK, I'm done.

Get pumped!

OK, I'm ready

UPDATE: And there you have it

That was a major failure. Man, am I depressed. It's always that worst teams that end up beating you when you have a chance at a National Championship. And this year, there is actually a playoff so that it will be a legitimate matchup.

Grrr. Now I have to hear it from the Gator fans for the rest of the year.

How do you enjoy games?

We're pretty low key, so how about contributing your ideas for a great game day celebration.


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