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A Fight Against the Patriots Coming

Updated on September 27, 2015

S Johnathan Cyprien, LT Luke Joekel, CB Dwayne Gratz, DT Sen'derrick Marks, RB Denard Robinson, LEO Andre Branch, TE Julius Thomas are all out.

What does that tell you about our chances this week? Did any of them play last week? No.

Coming into the game, the Jacksonville Jaguars are being given no chance to win. No chance at all whatsoever. Have we heard this before?

Ryan Van Bibber
Stephen White
Joel Thorman
David Fucillo
Danny Kelly
Matt Ufford
PFT Commenter
Miami vs Jax

In no way am I saying that New England Patriots are the Miami Dolphins. All I am saying is that maybe this isn;t your usual Jaguars. This team was told last week that after a week one performance against the Panthers, they were done. The team might as well give up, fire their coach and general manager and not play the rest of the season.

Guess what. Rumor has it that you have to actually play the games during the season. You actually have to travel, put a uniform on and play the game to get the result. Not just look at it on paper. Last week against the Dolphins, the Jaguars showed everyone the way they expect to play every week. Week one was full of errors. Week two was the team we saw in the preseason and what we, as fans, are hoping to see for the rest of the season.


Do the Jaguars Have a Chance?

Well, I am not huge on statistics but lets take a look at a couple:

  • Patriot's Defense is allowing 26.5 pts per game compared to Jacksonville's Defense at 16.5 pts per game
  • Jags are 3rd in the league allowing 73 yards per game to opposing offenses and the Patriots are allowing 147 yards per game
  • Jags offense averages 109 yards per game and the Patriots are averaging 68 yards per game

Like where I am going with this? Those are all positive stats for the Jaguars. These stats need to remain the same if the Jaguars are going to win the game

What is it Going to Take for the Win?

My favorite college football team is Navy. Navy has a great game plan to compete against superior talent and superior teams. Run the ball.

For the Jaguars to win today they have to play one of the most loved kids games ever...... "keep away". They need to run the ball and take time off of the clock. They need to keep the Patriot offense off of the field as much as possible. Hell, they need to do whatever it takes to keep the ball out of Tom Brady's hands.

Here are my keys to the Jaguars pulling off the upset:

  • Jaguars running back corps need to run for close to 200 yards -- but slowly. 5 yard average will show that we own the time of possession
  • Blake Bortles needs to get rid of the ball quickly -- Patriots D has 11 sacks and lets keep them at that number
  • Receivers need to catch the ball -- no drops, no assisting the Pats D in interceptions and no stupid mistakes on routes. "Do your job" and catch the ball
  • Hit Brady -- sounds hard and it is. Brady gets the ball out so quickly that it will be difficult but I would be ok with a couple of roughing the passer penalties early....just sayin.
  • Score touchdowns -- I like the new, young kicker but I don't want you on the field today other than the 5 extra points I am hoping for.
  • Play the best game of your life

This game is going to be tough and for the Jaguars to win, they need all of the above to happen PLUS more.

Let's do it today Jaguars. let's do it for the fans, lets do it for the city and let's do it for Eric Wilbur because his life would be hell for the next week if the Jaguars pull this off.


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