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An Anniversary Trip That My Bass Fisherman Husband Gave Me As A Surprise

Updated on September 24, 2013
Anidae's big smallmouth bass
Anidae's big smallmouth bass

I don’t remember the first time I received a fishing trip for our anniversary ( I was disappointed but I got over it) and I can say I did enjoy myself. My husband likes fishing; he can fish from before sunrise until after sunset without catching a fish and be happy. I can fish a while but if nothing bites my lure, I will read a book or take a nap on the boat while he fishes.

The most memorable surprise anniversary fishing trip was the year we went to Dale Hollow Lake in east Tennessee. We rented a cabin near a marina so he could keep his boat in a boat slip making it more convenient to fish when we were ready.

My husband gave me a new rod and reel (open-face type) as a surprise. I had never fished an open face reel before but I was willing to learn.

One of the first things we did after arriving was to stop at a Bait and Tackle Shop near the lake. He wanted to buy some lures that would work well for that area. I wanted to buy lures also so I picked some of the bright, clunky, flashy lures that are probably too large for my pole---he grinned and paid for my choices (I bought several of each just in case I lost some to a huge fish.). I sense he doesn’t care for my selection.

The first morning after breakfast, we troll a few hundred yards from the marina (an employee told my husband several spots to fish) and began to cast along the bank. We had fished about 15 minutes and my husband tells me to cast in a certain area but I cannot always put the lure in the right direction--- and as usual, I was off course. I start to reel my lure in and, immediately, a small-mouth bass attacks my clunky lure. I set the hook, raise the tip of my rod, and proceed to reel him in-----he goes under the boat and tries to wind the line around the big motor but I am able to get control and bring him into the net held by hubby. My husband takes a picture of me holding my big fish then I release the fish back into the water.

My “fishing coach” says to throw back in the same spot where I caught the first fish and again I am off the mark. I start to reel the lure in so I can recast, then, boom, my lure is hit again very hard—I have my second big small-mouth bass. By this time, I am crazed with excitement and am standing on the edge of the boat---gulp--- I am not aware but I forgot to put on my life jacket and I never learned to swim---.

With my rod tip up in the air, another big fish on the line, I am reeling for dear life. I reel the fish into the net held by my “coach”. He takes a picture of this fish and we release the fish unharmed. I was so intent on catching the fish; I never realized how frightened he was that I would fall off the boat.

During that weekend, I caught 20 plus fish of all sizes and types (the first bass weighed 4.6lbs. and the second bass weighed 5.1lbs.) while my expert small-mouth bass fisherman husband caught 2 small fish. He has always out-fished me and, in my wildest dreams, I never would have envisioned my catching that many fish. It seemed as if I could do no wrong and, at one point in time, he asked me, “Now, how did I tell you to fish that lure?”

He had taught me how to use the open face reel and showed me how to use the Bill Lewis Rattle Trap Lures. My husband, patiently, coached me about where to throw my lure. I viewed fishing differently from that moment on and, instead of getting bored; I began to look forward to our fishing trips, always hoping to out-fish him. I am grateful to my husband who has a much better memory than I have. He had to tell me how much my fish weighed and the name of my lures.


Yea! I finally located my fishing pictures from the anniversary trip at Center Hill Lake. I decided to leave the picture of my husband's fish in the article as a tribute to his fishing abilities.


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    • anidae profile image

      Anita Adams 6 years ago from Tennessee

      My thoughts exactly. I still have about 40 boxes to go through.

      You know I have even looked through the pictures with negatives and haven't located the negatives. If I can find the negatives, I will get the pictures put on a dvd.

      I won't give up!!!

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 6 years ago from the short journey

      I hope you do find the photos and can post them--they would be priceless! :)

    • anidae profile image

      Anita Adams 6 years ago from Tennessee

      Thanks for visiting RTalloni, That really was icing on the cake!!

      My husband had always wanted me to have this kind of luck fishing so that I would love the sport as much as he did.

      He also knew that this trip would have many fish stories for him to relate to his friends and anyone else who would listen.

      He posted two pictures of me and my fish at work and I have misplaced those pictures in the process of moving boxes after we closed this business last year. I am still going through boxes and picture albums trying to find them.

      I'm with you on the yucky stuff.:)

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 6 years ago from the short journey

      Hee, hee, hee!!! What a great fishing story, Anidae. :)

      It's icing on the cake that your husband, who knew how you should fish, "had" to tell you how much your big fish weighed and the name of your lures. :)

      I like to go fishing and don't mind cooking, as long as my husband does all the yucky stuff along the way. :)