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A Golf Workout Can Help to Improve Your Game

Updated on June 19, 2013

Physical fitness is very important in the pursuit of sport, especially if you want to attain any sort of excellence. This is applicable to all sports and a fact well appreciated by sports enthusiasts. Golf is a sport that is very popular all over the world and with people of all ages. It is a sport, just like others, where you become more competitive if you have the right training that includes physical and mental aspects. You can make those weekends of golf that much more fun if you pay attention to proper exercise.

Basic Exercises That Can Improve Your Golf

A golf workout, just needs some basic equipment and a regime of exercises that need to be diligently undertaken. The equipment can be something as simple as dumbbells, cable machines, medicine balls and balance disks. The proper exercise done on this basic equipment can allow your body to achieve the right form of agility that can help you while you make those rounds of golf. Such exercise ensures that all movements are efficient and that all the power you have is channelized into making the best golf shots.

Areas of the Body That Do Need Attention

Playing of golf does need the right athletic posture and this can be helped by properly exercising the various parts of the body. The swinging of the golf club does require a firm base that allows the body to rotate freely. So exercises do need to concentrate on routines that give strength to the mid section of the body. Such exercises then allow a person to hit a tee off shot to longer distances and can then help in achieving scores that can do wonders for a handicap. Exercises that help to strengthen the abdominal and lower back muscles can help. They must help to increase body strength and mobility. Exercises like squats and step ups which do help to achieve this can be done without any costly gym equipment, and even practiced easily in your room or in the back yard.

Consult The Professionals

A good golf professional or physical trainer can help to identify the muscles that are weak, and the flexibility that is restricting free movement required while playing golf. Golf enthusiasts can always benefit from reduction of body fat, and exercise regimes that strengthen all the various groups of muscles that a player needs to have working efficiently for a good game of golf. Professionals can also help you to identify injuries and other form of inflexibilities that can affect a game.

It is best to start working out for golf well before the season begins, so that when that first weekend does come up, your body is fit and raring to go. Mental training is also helpful in any golf workout, and this can be helped by looking at golf instructional videos. A golf workout can be further helped of you use practice ranges before you actually go out on the greens.


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