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Updated on September 20, 2011

The hunt 2011

As of this writing,I have noticed that only one wolf has been harvested by archery this year.

And by my own hunting adventures,I have only seen one Elk harvested in my district.I have found a few tracks but mostly old and headed for the high countryto avoid being harvested,plus it is rutting season and the Bulls are on the move to find cows.The deer are moving closer to towns as more preditors are chasing them off the mountains also.plenty of feed in the high country,so that is my observation.

Wolves are being shot by cattlemen as they are killing livestock nearer to towns also.

The cost of a Wolf tag in Montana is $19 this year also.I figure in a few more years,there will be less animals to hunt in this State and the tags will be going to a draw basis,with fewer cow and doe tags issued as it has already started this year.

Happy hunting and buy a wolf tag,or loose all of our wildgame to wolves..

New Wolf Pack Found in Montana

Montana fish game and parks have discovered a new wolf pack in the state,which puts the number of wolves higher on the list.

The wolves have been killing many more sheep and cattle,then last year also.

This is costing the tax payer more out of pocket money to pay for these wolf killings as the price of livestock is much higher during this recession.

In my scouting,I have noticed an increase of Deer in and around Montana towns and cities.

Monday evening I counted 12 Mule Deer in a town with a population of 2400.The Deer were feeding along the Railroad tracks.

That means some will be killed by the trains.

We really need to do something about these wolves running the wild game out of their habitat and soon...

wolf hunt 2010

Wolf hunting is over until another judge decides to put them back on the hunting list.

It seems Judge Molloy decided that the last wolf hunt was more for political votes,so he put the wolf back on endangered list.

So we will see what the cattlemen and hunters do to save their cattle and the wild game herds..

Wolf hunt is over this year

The wolf hunting season is now over in the lower 48 states.

The wolf harvest in Idaho netted 185 wolves and left 35 more tags empty.Most of the wolves were bagged in the lower portion of the state.

Montana's wolf harvest ended quite a while back with 76 wolves harvested,and that was Montana's quota for this year.

You can purchase wolf tags for this year but hunters will not know if there will be a season,as it will be up to one Judge to determine after looking over the stats.

You will get a refund on the tag if they close season also.

Good luck hunting.

A hunting controversy

With today being the twenty seventh of March,which leaves only four more days of wolf season in Idaho.

I do not see the state meeting their quota on wolf kills as there have only been one hundred eighty five wolves harvested with a remaining thirty five to go.

The northern end of the state that borders Montana is the area that needed to be hunted the most but due to the snow pack,it makes it very hard to get into.

So it seems the wolf packs will extend their ranges farther into the north and east areas of Idaho this coming year.

A great video of the Elk rut in Colorado

A hunting controversy

As of today the wolf hunt in Idaho has produced 183 controversial dead wolves with a remainder of 37 left to harvest by the 31st.of March 2010.

Then the wait will be on for the courts to decide if there will be another wolf hunt in Idaho and Montana.

Idaho has a projected count of over 800 wolves in the forests at last count.

Human killed by wolves


It is presumed that a pack of wolves killed a school teacher,as she was jogging in rural Alaska.

This will not be the last incident of this type as wolves are getting closer to towns and farms.

March 12,2010

Update; As of this posting the new count of wolves living in Idaho and Montana has flourished to 1760.Many hunting zones in Montana have been closed to hunting Big Game animals this coming year due to the lack of animals to hunt.

I suppose you could say that the wolf is taking it's toll in a hurry now that they are out of control,and will never be harnessed again.

March 3,2010

The wolf tally is at 164 wolves harvested with 56 remaining to be bagged by the end of season,which is March 31,2010.

A hunting controversy

It is time for all Montana's to buy their Hunting and Fishing licenses again.
There have been changes made to the taking of some species,mainly the White tailed Doe,which will not be harvested at all this year.
Montana had a bad winter kill a couple years ago along with the Wolf gaining new territory and taking their share of big game animals.
The Wolf has grown to a population of over 1000 animals in Idaho and Montana alone.
Wolves have also spread into Oregon and Washington.
The Mexican Government wants to introduce wolves there also,which means they will spread back into Arizona,New Mexico,California and Texas.
Keep this pace up and forget hunting Big Game all anymore,as the wolf will eventually wipe all game animals out,plus many Sheep and Cattle ranches.
Montana is having the problem of wolves killing cattle and the Fish and Wildlife cannot keep up with the problem wolf as they don't have enough Predation Officers to cover the vast expanses of the West.
By the time U.S.Fish and Wildlife Officers arrive the Wolf is 40 miles away in someone Else's herd.

A hunting controversy

Wolf harvest as of today 2/25/2010

The wolf tally is up to 159 harvested with 61 left to harvest by March 31,2010.

Idaho isn't going to meet the 220 wolf limit,I am sure.

From Idaho Fish and Game>>

Since 2003, confirmed wolf depredations on livestock have increased nearly threefold from 140 to 385 in 2009. In that time, the wolf population has gone from a minimum of just under 400 to a minimum of 850 wolves.

One of the goals of Idaho's wolf management plan is to allow wolves to persist in areas where they do not cause excessive conflict with human activities. But in areas where wolf depredation on livestock is chronic or losses are deemed unacceptable, sterner measures are used.

Idaho wolf harvest

Idaho has harvested 156 wolves as of today 2/16/2010.

That leaves 64 more wolves to bag before the hunting season is over on March 31,2010.


wolf violence


Today marks another score on the hunt of the big bad wolf.

145 wolves have been harvested in Idaho.This leaves 75 more to process before the close on March 31,2010.

Sometimes you need to purchase a game call,which helps to attract predators to you!

As of this posting Idaho has harvested 143 wolves with 77 left for the hunters to bag before the close of season on march 31,2010

Fewer North Idaho families will have elk steaks in their freezers this fall. Two severe winters, plus a growing wolf population, have dramatically reduced elk calf survival rates. To allow the herds to recover, wildlife managers shortened hunting seasons by seven to 14 days. The cutbacks affect archery, rifle and muzzleloader seasons.

Skinning a Wolf.

 When skinning a wolf,always wear gloves (preferably the latex kind doctors wear)

Be aware that wolves can carry mange,and this ruins their coat,so do not skin them.

Do not transport the hide,without first putting it into a bag,as to keep from getting exposed to ticks,etc. 

Just tag the animal and take it to the fish and game to be counted.

The fish and game will usually issue another tag.

If the wolf has a collar on it,you can still harvest the animal.

Turn the collar into the fish and game.

Don't cut the collar strap off,as it the collar can be used on other wolves for tracking.


Make sure to clean your knives and hands with soap and water after skinning and bagging the hide. 


Raise your voice for your second amendment rights.
Raise your voice for your second amendment rights.

More Hunts to Read about

January 12,2010

One more hunting zone closed in Idaho (6) and 140 wolves harvested,with 80 left to harvest before the season ends on March 31,2010.

December 30,2009

 The total harvest of the Grey Wolf in Idaho stands at 136 today,leaving 84 more wolves to be taken before the hunt is over.

It will be harder for the hunter to bag a wolf now because of the snow in the higher elevations.

Some hunters will be able to get there in their snowmobiles if the roads are open to off road vehicles.

December 26,2009

As of today there have been 132 wolves harvested in th Gem State,which is Idaho.

This leaves 88 more wolves left before the season ends in March.

The snow is getting deeper and the weather is getting colder,so the going will be much harder for the hunter to bag the big bad wolf..


As of this evening there have been 127 wolves harvested in the state of Idaho.

At this rate there Idaho will not meet their quota by the seasons close.

There were 12 hunting districts open for wolf hunting and only 3 have been closed due to the bag limit being filled.That leaves 9 hunting units still open with 95 wolves left to harvest before the close of season.

As many people would like to make you believe,that the wolves will all be killed off,this is a myth as in Montana there are at least 600 wolves at large and in Idaho another 900 to 1000 with Wyoming in the vacinity of 600.I haven't got the wolf count for Oregon,Washington, or Colorado.

This will boggle your mind set;Alaska has 7500 wolves and 31000 Grizzly bear.

We will never run out of wolves again.

There is no way that the wolf will be decimated as long as they have a season on them.

If that was the case,there wouldn't be any Elk,Deer or other big game in America alive now.

But if the hunting season is terminated for good,then I foresee no big game animals walking the earth in America due to the wolf's instinct to kill,whether to eat or just play.

As the wolf increases it's population and range at the current pace,they will most likely be in the Sierra Nevada's in 5 years.

And the ranchers will have to start shooting them at their own discretion or they won't have any livestock to worry about.

And don't forget that a wolf will attack a human and eat it also.

If you do not beleive this,go to Alaska fish and game and ask>>>

A hunting controversy
A hunting controversy


Wolf stats for the harvest in Idaho is at 113 as of this morning.

74 wolves have been harvested in Montana and the wolf hunt ended as the quota has been reached.The quota of 75 wolves has been met.

The heavy snows last week brought the big game down to lower pastures,which also brought the wolves which feed on them down also,making it easier for the hunters to bag their wolf.

Now that deer and elk season comes to a close in Montana on the 29th.of Nov.doesn't mean to hang up your guns.

Grab that shotgun and go upland bird hunting for pheasant,chukar,sagehen,etc.

And don't forget about the ducks and geese also.

Varmit hunters can still bag coyotes,skunks and rabbits also.

Don't forget to report the wolf sightings to the fish and game also.

They need to know where the wolf has relocated,so they can keep count of the expanding wolf population.


The report today shows 64 wolves harvested in Montana and 98 wolves harvested in Idaho.

Have received 12 inches of new snow in southern Montana,so this will bring the elk and deer down lower to the feeding grounds.It will also bring the wolves down with the game as they migrate along with their quarry.


Monday the ninth of Nov.has seen an increase of 59 wolves harvested in Montana and 98 wolves harvested in Idaho.

This is most likely due to the snow bringing the Deer and elk down to lower elevations and more hunters in the field due to the weather. 

November 7,2009

As of today the wolf harvest in Montana has reached 52 wolves harvested.

In Idaho the tally for wolves harvested is 92 so far this season.

As the hunters check in with freinds and fish and game they have stated very few Elk calves have been sighted and also very few Elk and Deer.They have also seen much wolf sign and wolves as they hunt.Not all hunters have wolf tags so when they spot a wolf,they can do nothing but let it go about it's buisness.

One hunter said he came across two wolves chasing Elk and when the wolves spotted him they quit chasing the Elk and turned on him.He had a wolf tag and shot one wolf and the other ran away. 


As of this evening there have been 36 wolves harvested in Montana and 81 wolves harvested in Idaho.

October 27,2009

Did you know that a wolf pack will kill between 11 and 35 Elk per year,this is not counting Deer or other animals.

If the wolf population is left unchecked,they will eventually wipe out all Big game animals except the Bear.

This would put a big strain on the Fish and Game Departments,as many people would quit buying a hunting license,so that means the fisheries will suffer from lack of funds to supply stocking of many streams in the United States.

Our forefathers eliminated the wolf for a reason,not to just shoot for fun.

The animals were killing off all the Big game in the United States which pioneers depended on for food and fur. 

Today there have been 23 wolves reported harvested in Montana,with a lot of wolf sightings throughout the state.

As all hunters and fishermen have reported,there are more wolves in the state than the Fish and Wildlife estimated.

There are also many fewer Big Game animals than in earlier years harvested due to the impact of the wolf population.As 1009 hunters bagged 45 Elk on the first 2 days of season in one of the heaviest Elk herds in the state.The hunters harvested even fewer Mule and White Tail deer at the same time.

Idaho has harvested 79 wolves and the majority of wolf kills have been on the Montana-Idaho border,mostly in the Lolo,Selway regions of the state.


As the day draws to an end,archery season is over in Montana and this is the first year I didn't bag a buck deer or see an elk.

But I did see lots of wolf tracks and a few mountain lion tracks in my favorite hunting spots.

Montana has not bagged a wolf since my last posting on the wolf hunt.

As I said all along once you start shooting at the wolf he will be much harder to find as like all animals,they get gun shy real fast.

The opening day of rifle season will start on the 25th. of oct. in Montana and I will try my luck at getting some meat for the winter then if all goes well.

I have talked to numerous hunters and they all have the same unfortunate answers as they haven't seen any game animals either but have seen wolf tracks.

Good luck hunters.. 


There have been 12 wolves harvested in Montana,with only one hunting backcountry zone left open until rifle season opens on the 26th of Oct.

In Idaho there have been 54 wolves harvested with 166 left to harvest.

The whole state of Idaho is open to wolf hunting.

Updated today the 13th of Oct.

The wolf hunt is still standing at 11 wolves harvested in Montana.

Update as of today 10/6,2009.

The wolf hunt in Montana has produced 11 wolves.according to the fish,wildlife and parks.

The wolf hunt in Idaho has produced 28 wolves. according to the Idaho fish and game dept.

Montana has temporarily closed a hunting zone near Yellowstone Park as the quota is nearing the end.


Idaho Fish and Game has reported that as of today 15 wolves have been harvested in the Gem state.

Montana's wolf harvest is at 9.


 As of this evening there have been 6 wolves harvested in Montana.

As of today Sept.25,2009 there have been no wolves harvested in Idaho or Montana.

Some educational text on wolf life.

Wolf packs typically include a breeding pair, their offspring, and other non-breeding adults. The average pack size is 8.1 animals. Wolves are capable of mating by age two or three; sometimes form lifelong bond. Wolves can live 13 years and reproduce past 10 years. An average of five pups are born in early spring. They are cared for by the entire pack. For the first six weeks, pups are reared in dens. Dens are often used year after year. Pups depend on mother's milk for the first month, then weaned and fed regurgitated meat brought by pack members. By seven to eight months, pups begin traveling with the adults. After a year or two, wolves may leave and try to find a mate and form a pack. Lone, dispersing wolves have traveled as far as 600 miles in search of a new home. Wolf packs live within territories that they defend from other wolves. Territories range from 50 square miles to more than 1,000 square miles. Wolves travel as far as 30 miles in a day to hunt. They trot at about 5 miles per hour, but they can run as fast as 40 miles per hour for short distances


No wolves harvested today so far.

By the way sportsmen and sportswomen,there is a shortage of ammunition in the United States.

Better get out and stock up before hunting season kicks into full force you need to buy pepper spray as there is an increase in the Bear population also.

I have noticed numerous wolf tracks and lion tracks while hunting here in Montana,so it is advisable to were a canister of bear spray.

Bear spray is easier to use then a gun if you have an encounter with a wild animal.

The spray shoots out in a 3 to 4 foot circle compared to a bullet the size of your finger.

That makes it much more efficent in hitting a charging animal in the facial area and detering his actions towards you.

While the animal is trying to rid the burning of his eyes,you can make a quick getta way from it.Pepper spray will reach out to 20 feet.

 Sept. 23,2009

No wolves harvested today. 


As of this evening I have no reports of a wolf harvested from Idaho or Montana.

I have some information for the interested persons following the wolf hunts from Idaho Fish and Game.

Wolves live in packs, are territorial, and have large territories that they actively defend. They are relatively easy to count when compared to solitary predators, such as cougars and bears. Eighty-eight wolf packs were documented in Idaho at the end of 2008, and wolves in 58-or two-thirds-of those packs were radio marked. The estimated population is at least 846 wolves. They can reproduce at remarkable rates of 40 to 50 percent annually, without mortality.


A wolf was harvested in Montana friday evening,making it the third wolf shot,with 71 more tags to fill before the season ends.


A hunting controversy;

What was the position you were in when you fired the shot?

Moving prematurely can throw off your line of sight and take into

question an accurate perception of the ground; it may also be a

safety concern if another hunter is nearby and preparing to take a shot.

Make a mental note of where the deer was standing when you

took the shot. Trees become remarkably similar after you have

stared expectantly at them for half an hour.

Let a minimum of 20 minutes pass before leaving your hunting

stand. This period is crucial to remain patient so that the wounded

animal can bed down and bleed to death.

Walk immediately to the area in the woods where the deer

was standing when you fired once the 20 minute period has


Look for tufts of hair and spots of blood where the deer was

standing. Don't expect a great deal of blood at first.

Follow the blood and hoof prints, keeping an eye for spotting

on the branches as high as chest level.

Approach the fallen animal carefully,Touch the eye with a stick or your rifle barrel and do it from the side of the animal, ensuring it has expired

before you begin handling it for proper field dressing,

completing your hunting trip successfully.


As of sunday evening there has   only been two wolves harvested in Montana since the season opener on Sept.15,2009.

As the wolf gets shot at,they will go farther back into the high country,and hunters will be lucky to see one as time goes by.

I predict the license sales will fall off as years go by because of the wolf staying away from humans,which isn't the case now because humans haven't been shooting at the wolves. 

Wolf Hunts


There has been no recording of a wolf harvested today.

Wolf hunting is not as easy as one might think.Just because people take photos of the animal in Yellowstone is not a sign of an easy wolf kill.

If you were to shoot at the wolves in Yellowstone,you most likely would not see any sign of them in the day light hours anymore.

Hunters call wolves with various methods,and sometimes when hunters are bugling for Elk a wolf may show up looking for that call the hunter just made thinking it is an Elk.

Wolves do use roads and game trails to move from one territory to another,and when you see one set of prints,it doesn't mean there is only one wolf.

Wolves will follow single file and step in the leaders foot prints,thus making it seem like only one wolf was there.

Wolves grow to 140 pounds and up to 6 feet long.They have a footprint of approximately 3 inches wide and 4 inches long when full grown.

If you are hunting alone and see a wolf track,you most likely will get a chill up your spine,as the thought of a pack attacking you would not be a nice sight.Especially if you are archery hunting.

Don't get me wrong,wolves are a good animal to have around,just like the mountain lion.

They both keep old and diseased animals at a minimum,plus protect the water sheds,by keeping the over population of the herds down.

But they have to be kept in check also or they will be living in town,where the next meal will be a dog or cat.

Why people think a wolf hunt will kill all wolves is beyond me.Just like people thought they could eradicate all coyotes.There are more coyotes now then 50 years ago.

So that means there will be wolves from now on in the world.To many places for them to hide in the wild,and to many wilderness areas and parks to protect them from humans.

A very small percentage of hunters go into wilderness areas to hunt because,you have to walk or hire a guide,same goes in the National forests.Gates are locked for walk in hunting only,that means no motorized vehicles,only foot or horse back.

How far would you walk behind a locked gate?

I myself maybe a 1/2 mile.The reason is when you harvest an animal,you will have to quarter it out,which means a couple trips minimum for an Elk.Some roads may go for 5 miles behind a locked gate before they dead end.

Would you walk 5 miles to bag a wolf,then pack it back out 5 miles.

The hide on a wolf will weigh up to 15 pounds.You say that isn't much weight to pack,but carry 15 pounds on your back for 5 miles and you will see what I am talking about.

This is one reason the wolf is here to stay(forever)and hunting them will only make them smarter,as it did with the Coyote..


Now that the states of Idaho and Montana have opened wolf hunting,there will be a bunch of new lawsuits over the taking of the wolf off the endangered specie list.

Since the wolf hunt opened only one wolf has been harvested in Idaho and two in Montana.

The ranchers are thankful for the hunt as they are loosing quite a few cattle to the wolves.

It might be noted that all cattle killed my wolves are not compensated for by the government.

Only every third animal is paid for,so you can see why the cattlemen are happy with a seasonal hunt for the wolf.

 Gotta be carefull out there in the woods!!

CODY, Wyoming - Wielding his chain saw as a weapon, a former U.S. Marine says he fought off a starving mountain lion that attacked him while he was camping with his wife and two toddlers in northwestern Wyoming.

A 32-year-old mechanic and ex-Marine, said he was alone cutting firewood about 100 feet from his campsite in the Shoshone National Forest when he saw the lion staring at him from some bushes.

He revved his 18-inch chain saw and tried to back away. But the 100-pound lion followed.

As the animal pounced, He raised his saw and met it head-on — a collision he said felt like a grown man running right into him.

"It batted me three or four times with its front paws and as quick as I hit it with that saw it just turned away," he said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press.

He later discovered he'd inflicted a gash on the lion's shoulder. He said he was surprised the damage wasn't worse.

"You would think if you hit an animal with a chain saw it would dig right in. I might as well have hit it with a hockey stick," he said.

The wounded animal retreated, leaving him with a only small puncture wound on his forearm.

Butcher needs

Key items needed to butcher an animal or bird;


Do not buy cheap knives,you want to have good tempered blades to  hold an edge with comfortable non slip handles.Most kits hold shears,boning,paring,fillet and carving knives.Cost $100

Meat Grinder;

There is alot of burger meat on a big game animal.

You should buy a big enough grinder to mince two pounds of meat per minute.and it should have three metal grinding plates to grind,coarse or fine ground meat.

Eliminate freezer burn by investing in a vacuum sealer.

The food saver game saver kit allows you to economically seal any size cut of meat and maximize storage space in your freezer.

The most important rules of butchering is getting rid of fat and sinew and those streaks of thin silver looking skin.Trim everything until you have red cuts of pure meat.


What a prize

Perhaps the largest elk produced in the wild — a Utah bull taken in 2008 by a hunter on public land — has been confirmed as a world record.

The official declaration was made this month by the Boone and Crockett Club, the 120-year-old organization widely recognized as keeper of records of native North American big game.

A special judges panel determined a final score of 4785/8 B&C non-typical points, 93-plus inches above the B&C minimum score of 385 for non-typical American elk, and more than 13 inches larger than the previous world record. It is the only elk on record with a gross score approaching the 500-inch mark, at 4993/8. Official data dates back to 1830.

The massive bull has nine points on the left antler and 14 on the right. The larger antler has a base circumference of more than 9 inches.

The B&C scoring system, long used to measure the success of wildlife conservation and management programs across North America, rewards antler size and symmetry, but also recognizes nature's imperfections with non-typical categories for most antlered game.

The bull's final score of 4785/8 inches includes an amazing 140 inches of abnormal points.

“Along with measurements that honor the quality of the animal, Boone and Crockett Club records also honor fair-chase hunting,” said Eldon Buckner, chairman of the club's Records of North American Big Game committee.

“Through our entry process, signed affidavits and follow-up interviews with the hunter, his guides, and state and federal officials, we were satisfied that this bull was indeed a wild, free-ranging trophy and that the tenets of fair chase were used in the harvest.”

The hunter, hunted the Monroe Mountain District in south central Utah.

Hunting with a self-designed rifle,He killed the bull on Sept. 30. He hunted for 13 days before connecting with the trophy, dubbed “spider bull” for its unique antler configuration.

The previous world record for non-typical American elk was 4652/8 B&C points. That bull was found dead, frozen in Upper Arrow Lake, British Columbia, in 1994.

For hunter-taken non-typical American elk, the previous top bull scored 4506/8 points, taken in 1998 in Apache County, Ariz.,

The B&C Club also keeps records for Roosevelt's and Tule elk.

This is what happens in the wild

Game Tracking

Big Game Animal

Spotted Deer of India
Spotted Deer of India
Cabin with porch
Cabin with porch
Rocky mountain bighorns visit
Rocky mountain bighorns visit


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