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A King No More

Updated on January 5, 2011


        A hometown boy is drafted by his hometown team to become the savior of a small market franchise and for seven years he was the darling son of the NBA and the face of Cleveland Ohio but in a brief moment he broke the hearts of the NBA universe by showing the world that his adult statue goes no further than his basketball skills.


        This is the story of Lebron James who in my opinion is the greatest NBA specimen of our generation; he has the skills to make other players better and the determination to win multiple championships, but he should have stayed in Cleveland for there he could have made a difference; there he could have cemented his legacy has one of the greatest heroes of modern sports but instead he took his skills an bailed to South Beach.


       During his glorified interview Thursday night Lebron mentioned Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and many others but unlike Lebron the afore mentioned stars were loyal to the team that drafted them; they were ambassadors of the hardwood who understood the game was bigger than them.


       But perhaps the most telling part of last night’s parade was Lebron’s need or desire to make himself happy; this one statement above all others gave us a glimpse into the world of Superstardom where individuals believe they are more important than anyone else and where egotism is the normal venue of the day.


       In conclusion, perhaps I to much of a purist but I admire those players who persevered with the team that drafted them; I respect Paul Pierce, Kobe Bryant, Reggie Miller, Tim Duncan, Dirk Nowinski and others who through good times and bad times endured hardship and showed true sportsmanship by not jumping ship or parading themselves on national television.  When all is done, Lebron James will perhaps win several championships in Miami, but it want be great; it want be as great as winning one for the hometown.  In my opinion Mr. James is not a bad person but he made a bad decision and to me he is no longer the King of the NBA; he is now just another superstar wondering in the perils of his own self-importance.


Was Lebron's decision to leave Cleveland bad or good for the NBA?

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Does Lebron's decision tarnish his image?

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How many Championships will Lebron Win in Miami?

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