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A Look Inside The Top Ten Deadliest Martial Arts From Around The World

Updated on October 29, 2013

Martial Arts?

“The Highest Art Is No Art. The Highest Form is no Form”( Bruce Lee). Around the world people study and train in martial arts for many different reasons. There are also hundreds if not thousands of different style with in the world of martial arts. Some martial arts are for sporting proposes, and other systems are created for self defense. Below I will be discussing the Ten most deadliest martial arts from around the world ,in my opinion.


Muay Boran

Also known as Ancient Boxing, Muay Boran is a martial art fighting system that was created in Thailand. Muay Boran is the farther of Muay thai kick boxing. Some movements and tecquniques where removed from Muay Boran in order to create a safer sport witch is known as Muay Thai Kickboxing.

The reason this system is a deadly martial art, is because of the brute strength and power, one can generate through training in Muay Boran.


The gracie family, Heilo in particular changed the way the world thought of martial arts, with the creation of Brazilian Jiujitsu. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of the world’s deadliest martial arts because of its simplicity and fight ending tecquniques. A BJJ fighter can finish the fight with chokes arm bars, and leg locks. The philosophy behind jiu jitsu is, to use leverage and smarts to sub doo a enemy, rather than size and strength.

Krav Maga

This deadly martial art makes the list because of its ruthless unforgiving self defense tecquniques, that can cripple there opponent very fast. Created in Israel in the 1940s, Krav maga is a self defense martial art that is known for its counter attacking, and eye striking tecquniques. The martial art is so deadly, that the Israeli army and special forces train this deadly martial art.


Judo is the Gentle way. Judo is a great martial art, timing and momentum is the philosophy behind the tecquniques. Judo originated from a martial art that the samurai used, when a samurai lost there weapon they would use what is now known as Judo as a means to fight there opponent. Judo utilizes proper foot work, leverage, control, and moment to throw there opponent to the ground and win the fight. All a judoka needs is one proper throw to end a fight.


A ninja is The shadow warrior, who strikes in darkness, The Ninja where special assassins who where masters of deception. Ninjas would use Guerrilla Warfar,and unconventional ware fare tactics to beat there enemy. Ninjitsu started around the fifteen hundreds, in the Togakure-ryu schools, and it was known as Ninpo.


From the Philippines, eskrima is a deadly martial art system that uses knifes, sticks, and various other weapons to defeat their opponents. During the Portuguese colonization of the Philippines, Eskrima practitioners needed to move their training of this deadly martial art to the underground and train in screcy.Today Eskrima is known worldwide and is well respected around the world. Eskrima is the national martial art of the Philippines.


Hapkido is a Korean martial art style that uses deadly tecquniques like, joint locks, throws, punches, and kicks to defend them self’s. From long range to short range hapkido is one of the deadliest martial art styles in the world.

Wing Chun

Wing chun, also known as Chinese boxing is a very deadly martial art from china, some say wing chuns roots can bee traced back to the shoaling kung fu, but the founder of wing chun is a man named IP Man. There are movies based on this gentleman, and IP Man was also Bruce Lees shifu( teacher) Wing Chun utilizes quick foot work with fast punching tecquniques that are in a circular motion. Wing Chun is a deadly martial art because it is fast and strait to the point, finish the fight.


Pankration is one of the oldest martial arts of all time. Pankration is a grappling martial art style that utilizes throws, pins, join locks, and positioning to defend them self’s. The famous Spartan fighters from Greece use Pankration tecquniques to defend their land, and families

Kung Fu

Some say that Kung Fu is the basses for all martial arts, and yes many different martial art style can be traced back to kung fu. Kung fu is a deadly martial art style that is broken down into families. Each families has different tequniques referring to a different animal. Kung Fu is a strong martial art fighting system that is very versatile with various weapons, and striking moves that can render an attacker very fast and efficiently.

Top Ten Deadliest Martial Art Systems.

The above list of the 10 deadliest martial arts is a just a sample of many great martial art styles. To each his own, when it comes to picking a great martial art style. I hope that my list of the 10 deadliest martial arts has helped answered some of your questions. Pleas feel free to comment about this subject below.


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    • LarsenSE profile image

      Steve Larsen 5 years ago from Memphis, TN

      I get what you meant by deadly arts. Martial arts that when taught, learned, and employed properly and with the intent to kill, are deadly.

      My votes for best styles to know in terms of self defense would be bjj of course, represent, and escrima.

      Ninjitsu I feel is almost completely wiped out. When I was a kid, I so wanted to be a ninja. We would wait for the monthly magazines to come out and drool over the ads for stars and uniforms and just wish and hope. We would take another t-shirt, put the neck hole over our eyes, tie the sleeves behind our heads, and then tuck the stuff left into the neck of our other shirt.

      Krav Maga will be watered down soon as the American housewives take it over. It'll be like Zumba in a couple of years.

    • profile image

      David Ramses 5 years ago

      Great article! I enjoyed reading it. I have been studying the martial arts for 28 years, including some of the systems you mentioned here. You seem like an intelligent writer so hopefully you won't take offense when I disagree on a few points: A "deadly" martial art is one that is comprised almost entirely of techniques that are designed to kill the opponent. By that definition, Ninjitsu is the only "deadly" martial art here. Judo has no "deadly" elements unless it happens by accident. The point of jujitsu is submission and competitive victory (not killing). I study both and have never learned a deadly technique in either. I will say that both will put you into a position where you could possibly kill someone if you know how. Kung Fu is not a martial art (system). It is a style, or category, of martial arts in which Wing Chun, Escrima, and parts of Ninjitsu all fit into. Pankration is reported, by historical document, to have held some of the tactics the ancient Greeks used to fight. If you ever find a Pankration instructor, question the authenticity because I am pretty sure the sport died off centuries ago. All martial arts systems have the potential to be deadly-effective, mostly accidentally, but that doesn't mean they are deadly martial arts systems. Some of the systems you mentioned have deadly elements but are mostly comprised of various ways to move and defend, using deadly force only if it is necessary. If you really want deadly effectiveness, the Krav Maga and other Military Combat Systems are where deadliness resides. Traditional martial arts have varying levels of deadly potential, often presented in ineffective ways. In the indonesian martial arts, I studied Escrima for a long time and then switched to Kali and Kuntao Silat because they were more knife-oriented and less stick oriented. But the deadliest martial art on earth is the art of combat firearms training.