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A Memorable Cricket Tournament for all Colleges in Town

Updated on April 11, 2012


Sports are a part of our daily life and they are necessary for a healthy society. It is well said that:

“A healthy mind needs a healthy body”

The district government organized a local tournament for the healthy activities of people. The tournament was well-advertised and many teams participated in the tournament. Our college team also decided to participate in the tournament. A heavy prize was announced for the winner. Our team fought its way to the final. We were to compete with the previous district champions.

On the decided day, large number of people gathered to watch the interesting final match. The two captions walked their way to the ground for toss. Our captain won the toss and decided to bat first as the as the conditions of the pitch were favorable for batsmen and a spin of ball was expected in the second innings.

After the toss, our openers walked their way to the pitch and the crowd was continuously cheering them. The opponent team was favored for the final but one never knows anything in sports as:

“Upsets are a part of sports”

In the first over, our batsmen were playing in a defensive mode. They decided to save the wickets in the beginning and then after the first ten overs they went after the ball. As a result of this planning our team was able to score 75 runs in 20 overs without any loss. After 20 overs it seemed that they had become a hitting machine and the ball was going all over the fence for boundaries.

But our batsmen Hameed got out as a result of a brilliant catch in the mid-off position by the captain. After that, wickets started to fell one after the other and our team was on the back foot. But somehow, we managed to secure a total of 214 runs in 40 overs. It was a very challenging total but the form of our opponents in the previous matches made the final a nail biting match.

The opponent’s batsmen were on the pitch for batting. Our fast bowler who was the backbone our bowling bowled quite brilliantly but his length was drastic and he gave away 40 runs in 3 overs only. But on the other end our pacers were continuously building pressure on the opponent. Our opponents were playing in a good way and as a result they secure 100 runs in 20 overs for the loss of 3 wickets.

Any team of the two could win this match from this point. Our captain realized the situation and gathered all his players and he motivated them all to give their 100% if they want to win the final. This motivated the players very much and they gave their all in the match to secure a win for their college.

After 30 overs they were able to reach to a total of 148 and they require another 67 runs to grab the match in the last ten overs with five wickets remaining. Our frontline bowler who did not have his best performance today he was brought back to attack. We were very much astonished on the captain’s decision. But he was proved right because the main bowler came back in his form as he uprooted the middle stems of the opponent’s captain on the first ball of his spell. The match continued and it became more and more exciting as it proceeded.

We were left with a situation in which only 11 runs were needed in the last over. The captain decided to bowl them over himself and he took our team across the winning point by giving away only seven runs in his over. Hence, we were all very happy on our success and we cheered our team on becoming the District champion.

To conclude, I must say that such events should be organized regularly throughout the calendar to prove the people with healthy activities. Hence, sports should be promoted in every society and it is slightly said that:

“What I know surely about the morality and duty of man, I owe it to sports”

Written by: Ahmed Sharif


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