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A Non Competitive Rivalry

Updated on February 8, 2013

From the time Bob Stoops arrived at Oklahoma he's had a great deal of success. However, despite all his Big 12 Championships, there have been opponents outside of the conference capable of beating him in big games. Three times he has lost in the National Championship game and his record in bowl games is an unimpressive 7-6. Since his brother left his position as defensive coordinator, Oklahoma is only 17-13 vs ranked opponents. So it's not as if nobody has figured this guy out. He is by no means a dominant college coach. However, the one team he does claim dominance over his his number one rival, the Texas Longhorns. Stoops is 9-4 in the last 13 years vs. Texas with 4 of those wins being humiliations of Mack Brown and his crew from Austin. Not since 1948-1960(before many reading this were even born) has Oklahoma had such a stranglehold on Texas. What we get the second Saturday of October of every year is two teams of equal blue chip talent with the best position coaches on both sides descending on Dallas in what every single member of both teams knows is THE BIGGEST GAME OF THE YEAR and yet for the most part, since 2000, one of those teams gets their face rubbed in the dirt.

We have no further to look than the 2012 game to see an example of such a beatdown. To illustrate just how how bad things have been for Texas lately, let me remind you what happened after Oklahoma scored its first of many touchdowns that afternoon. The pointless extra point turned out to be the HIGHLIGHT OF THE GAME for the Horns. The holder dropped the snap and then as the kicker put his foot through the ball a half hour later Texas blocked it and returned it 90 yards for two points. The burnt orange fans erupted comically as if Texas had just scored a touchdown and you can see the Texas sideline reacting the same. They went so far as to fire the cannon and strike up the band. That was in fact the CLOSEST the Longhorns would ever get in this game. After increasing their lead to 19-2 in the second quarter, the Sooners had a false start on that extra point. It was the Sooners' inability to execute the extra point which undoubtedly held the Longhorn faithful together in the first half because there certainly wasn't anything else to cheer about.

That is until the ensuing kick off when a member of Oklahoma's special teams gave a light shove to the kick returner as he went out of bounds and the Longhorns received 15 free yards. Texas had yet to attain a first down so Todd Blackledge accurately pointed out, and not jokingly, "best play that they've had so far. 15 yard penalty." Then after a dropped pass on the second play after the penalty Blackledge said "This offense had 676 yards against Ole Miss in Oxford a few weeks ago. Wish they were still there." Yes Todd it is just like Texas to schedule a collection of punching bags it calls non-conference competition in the weeks leading up to Oklahoma and then stand around with that confused look on their face when they get their doors blown off in the Cotton Bowl. Then came more embarassment just a few moments later. Texas punted, again, and on first down the Sooners threw a swing pass to the fullback. Two Texas defenders had a clean shot at him but he leaped right over one and the other was dumped on his ass with what Brad Nessler graciously called a stiff arm. No, it was just an awful attempt at tackling. And as the fullback raced for the goal line Case McCoy was standing so close to the field he got BULLDOZED by the referee running down the sideline. Texas was penalized half the small distance Oklahoma needed to the goal. HILARIOUS. As funny as that was McCoy still put up more resistance than either Longhorn who was in the field of play. I could go on and on about this game but let's get to the bottom line. This game should be a classic every year. It's got all the ingredients many of which I mentioned in the first paragraph. But Texas plays soft and Oklahoma plays like a gang of thugs. And I believe it's a direct reflection of the head coaches. Stoops wants to KILL Texas and Brown just wants to beat Oklahoma. Will the Longhorns give them a game this year? Yeah that's what you thought last year.

Colt must be proud


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