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A-Rod: Do We Believe His Steroids Story?

Updated on February 18, 2009

Will the MLB steroids storyline ever end? The latest ugly chapter for Bud Selig and MLB is last week's front page story that Alex Rodriguez tested positive for steroids several years ago. Unlike some of the other steroid users who were battling father time with drug use, A-Rod took steroids when he was still young and very much in the prime of his career.

Rodriguez confessed publicly at a press conference on February 17th to using steroids when he first joined the Texas Rangers and signed a new contract to become baseball's highest paid player. Today, A-Rod claims to be clean but he's still the richest player in the game, now drawing his hefty paychecks from the evil empire known as the New York Yankees.

So do we believe A-Roid's (oops sorry, I mean A-Rod) storyline that he was just young and stupid when he took these drugs, and he really didn't even know what he was injecting? Really?! That's what you're going with A-Rod? You want us to buy the idea that you just let your cousin inject some unknown drugs (from a third world country no less) into your rear and you were OK apparently not knowing what that drug was? Hmmmmm......

Well, what do the rest of you think? Are we going to forgive A-Rod, or not? If nothing else, expect an interesting season at brand new Yankee Stadium. Alex can expect to take all the blame if the Yanks are losing, and likely very little of the glory if Steinbrenner's boys are winning, which they are of course expected to do.

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A-Rod faces the music


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      Lgali 9 years ago

      arod or afrod