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A Steeper Climb

Updated on May 28, 2014


Some of you may remember me talking about my walk around my hilly/mountainous apartment complex. Well, last Sunday, my husband, me, and friends went to a place called House Mountain. It is just north of Knoxville, TN in Corryton.

There are two trails on this hike and my husband (who are the least fit/in shape of all of our friends), had this BRILLIANT idea to take the steeper hike because it was shorter. Well, it was still 1.5 miles going up and really tough in certain places. Here's a little poem I wrote as a salute to House Mountain. I hope you all enjoy it. As always, comments are welcomed!

A Steeper Climb

We went to House Mountain the other day

To walk, hike, frolic and play.

We thought it would be an easy hike

Since it wasn't so far from home.

When we got there the trails looked short and flat

I thought, "Hey! I can do that!"

Then my husband says, "Let's take the steeper one;

We'll get more exercise that way!"

As we started walking, I realized this was no small task.

My legs and ankles started hurting- even my big old ass!

For each stone we climbed over, for each tree we dodged,

I almost felt like quitting, but was encouraged on and on.

I was told that I can do it, that we don't have much more to climb.

But every 10 minutes seemed like hours of 9.

At one point, I thought we had reached the top because it leveled out.

Sadly, I was mistaken; there was more walking about!

So I rested when I was tired, and walked as much as I could,

Because we finally reached the clearing at the top of the woods.

Oh what a sight that was to behold! The Smokeys in the distance

And farms and road so far away from us with just a touch of fog.

My husband and friends stopped to take pictures while I took in the view.

Then we started down again, back to the place we knew.

On the way down was slippery, with smooth and moving rocks.

So I held on to whatever I could with a couple of people as blocks.

Slowly but surely we made our ways down, crawling over downed trees

Flora and fauna, sometimes crawling on our knees.

What great fun we had, even though it was a stress.

When I came down the mountain everyone, including myself, looked a mess.

The only bad thing about the whole experience is that today, after 3 days

I am still stiff and sore from the climb. OUCH!

Written by Rlaha


© 2014 rlaha


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