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A Wife's Guide to Becoming a Sports Fan

Updated on January 8, 2016
Andrew Stradley profile image

Andrew is married with 4 kids. He is a sports fanatic. He loves everything to do with the Utah Jazz and with the BYU Cougars. Go Cougs!!

Why Should You Care?

I know some women don't care a bit about sports, and why should they? Maybe you've asked yourself why you should. As a husband who loves sports, here's why I think you should care.

  1. You love your husband
  2. Since you love your husband, you want to interact with him
  3. Since he watches sports, interacting with him will at some point include sports
  4. He'll feel loved when you can talk to him about his favorite sport/team
  5. You appreciate when he cares about things you're interested in.
  6. Sports can be enjoyable to watch once you understand what is going on
  7. Overall, maybe you'll learn something and become a more well rounded person

There are probably more reasons than this, and maybe all don't apply to you, but it gives you an idea of why this is an important topic. From my experience, these do apply to me, and I love it when my wife tries to understand and talk sports with me. I bet your husband will too.


Favorite Sports

What is your husband's favorite sport?

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The Beginning: What Sports Are Out There?

The first thing that you need to understand is which sport(s) your husband follows, so that you can follow the same one(s). There's no point in learning about a sport to talk to your husband about if he doesn't care about that sport or knows nothing about it. I've broken the sports into those that are the most popular in America, and then the lesser known/less popular sports

Most Popular Sports in America

A Harris Poll taken in 2014 by ESPN shows which sports were rated the most popular in America. Here are the results, starting with the most popular:

  1. National Football League (NFL)
  2. Major League Baseball (MLB)
  3. College Football
  4. Auto Racing (usually referring to Nascar)
  5. National Basketball Association (NBA)
  6. National Hockey League (NHL)
  7. College Basketball

Other Sports in America

There are many sports played in America. For a complete list, go here. Here is just a random sampling of some, in no particular order:

  • Professional Golf (PGA)
  • Major League Soccer (MLS)
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball (both beach and indoor)
  • Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
  • Boxing
  • Rugby
  • Olympics (which includes many sports)

Something to think about is that even though these are some of the more popular sports, it's very individual which sports your husband will like, and can also be influenced by where you live and what others around you follow.

As you're surfing the internet, if you happen to come across something about his favorite team, take a quick minute and give the article a lookover. You don't have to read the whole thing, but get the gist of it. He'll be impressed when you bring it up.

Next Step: Learn About the Sport

Now that you have figured out what sport your husband likes, you need to learn about it. There are several things you need to learn. These include:

  • The basic concept of how the sport is played
  • The rules of the sport
  • The positions of the players
  • The major names/players in the sport
  • The popular teams or schools
  • The hot topics of the sport

This can seem like a very daunting task. Even for me, when trying to learn a new sport, or learn more about one I know a little bit about, it seems overwhelming. But never fear! There are ways to learn about these things that will make it much easier. Below is a table summarizing some of the resources and what they offer.

What It Offers
Direct knowledge of what he is interested in
His limited/biased knowledge
Other Sport Fans
One-on-one time to ask questions
Possible limited knowledge about sport/team you are interested in
Sports TV Stations
Games to watch, specific shows about sports, expert commentators
Have to have station, Need to watch when game/show is on, Channels have specialities/biases
Team/School Fansites/Forums
Specific and up-to-date information about your team/school
Content can be unreliable, Have to put up with dumb posters
Sports Radio Stations
Fun to listen to, informative sports information; Both local and national stations
Have to find station that you like, Not always talking about what you want
League/Organization Websites
Good general information about the league, the sport, and the rules/regulations
Can be boring, May not have the info you need
General information about basically any sport you need
Information can be wrong, Not always as specific as you want
Sports Websites
Information on pretty much every sport, team, or league there is
You may have to search around for what you're looking for

Now....Time to Start Cheering!!

Now that you've found out what sport/team you husband likes, you've done some research and found out about the game, rules, and topics of conversation, you're ready to participate with him in his biggest hobby. But how do you do that?

Watching the Game: Obviously this is the easiest way to take part in sports with your husband. Make sure you know when the game is, what channel it's on, and who will be coming. Have plenty of snacks ready, and all of that new knowledge you crammed in your head. Don't ask too many questions, unless answering these questions makes your husband feel awesome about himself. Make sure you cheer at the right times, and boo the refs when they deserve it (or maybe even don't deserve it). Take your cues from him.

Going to the Game: This one take more commitment, but I think you'll find it to be an entirely enjoyable activity. What other way do you get to spend the whole day with your husband, enjoying something he is passionate about. And when I say the whole day, that's not far off. There the travel to the game, the tailgate party, the pre-game talk and analysis, the actual game, going out to celebrate/commiserate, and then travelling home. I can't think of any other activity that includes all of this, and that you can both enjoy together.

Talking the Talk: Finally, you have to be ready to talk about it all the time. There's the talk about the last game. The talk about the upcoming game. The talk about the trade rumors. The talk about the coaching carousel. The talk about the stats. And the talk about the latest scandal. Sports fans can basically talk about their sport/team for eternity. Every aspect is covered.

Now a Quick Word on Schedules

Something to be aware of is when each sport starts and ends. This way, you'll know when he's going to start going into fan mode, and when you can get him back.

  • NFL - August-February
  • Nascar - February-November
  • MLB - February-November
  • MLS - March-December
  • NBA - October-June
  • College Basketball - November-April
  • College Football - September-January
  • PGA Tour (Golf) - January-November


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