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A Zombie Survival Guide - My Real Life Story

Updated on July 9, 2011

Why do you need a Zombie Survival Guide?

If you are wondering just why you need a zombie survival guide then you are just like I used to be! Until very recently I thought zombies were purely the work of fiction. That having enjoyed many a zombie classic, talk of surviving a zombie apocalypse was saved purely for camping trips or with the lads after a few drinks. However I was very wrong and a chance find on the Internet led me to creating a survival guide for myself that you can use as the basis for a zombie survival guide of your own.

I was researching for an online article when I came across a medical article that explained exactly why a zombie apocalypse was not just feasible but highly possible given the right circumstances. It made me realise that a zombie survival guide, no matter how basic was a necessity.

As time passes, streets will become busier as zombie virus spreads. Act Fast!
As time passes, streets will become busier as zombie virus spreads. Act Fast!


 Remember that news stations will be prevented from telling the truth of the zombie virus initially. So you need to use your initiative to spot the impending apocalypse. By the time the full truth is revealed you may be trapped!

Learning about the apocalypse.

 Its very unlikely that the zombie apocalypse will come as a total surprise. If you are a conscientious observer of local news then you may pick up some clues of the impending doom. Look for unexplained reports of missing people, deaths, intoxication, sleepwalking etc If these appear to intensify over a period of hours then you may well have the beginnings of something very nasty. Definitely time to start taking action.

It is important to recognise that time really is of the essence. Once you realise it is time to enact your zombie survival plan, crack on with it calmly but efficiently. As it is impossible to plan for every possible location, it may be best to plan with your family to meet at a predetermined location. For most people this will be at home. Remember that initially there may be panic in the streets making travel difficult despite a low amount of zombies. As the zombie timeline continues, the streets may become clearer, but with a high quantity of zombies. Head for your safe location and regroup.


 You may be tempted to try and attract help with light and noise. In reality you will also attract a lot of zombies intent on eating you! Unless you live in an impregnable fortress, keep quiet if you value your liver!

Make your home into a zombie proof refuge!

If you find yourself at the centre of a regional outbreak of a zombie virus and have reason to believe that help is on its way, then staying at home is a good idea. If not then eventually you will have to move on. The decision may be made for you by the nature of your home. I'm fortunate in that I live  above ground level in a purpose built apartment. It means I have just one secure door and no windows at street level. I also have a balcony that may be useful as a lookout area or emergency escape.

Remember that urban areas are going to see large numbers of marauding zombies. Whilst they aren't master house breakers, sheer numbers will leave buildings with numerous points of entry vulnerable to attack. However being at home gives significant advantages as here you have your zombie survival kit and the considerable benefit of knowing your refuge intimately.

Look for weak areas in your houses defences. If you cant secure windows or doors adequately, consider blocking off that room completely. Fill the room with furniture, creating a difficult obstacle for the illogical zombies to overcome.

high driving position, lots of storage, high torque engine - a true zombie evading machine!
high driving position, lots of storage, high torque engine - a true zombie evading machine!

Making a break for freedom!

 Lets assume you have successfully hidden at home for some time. Your supplies are running low and help hasn't arrived. Don't leave it till you are desperate to make a move. Your next move will be a matter of live and death so it needs to be well considered and a fundamental part of your zombie survival guide.

Where will you go? You may be tempted to try and reach other friends and family. If you have reason to believe they are still alive then it may be worth the risk to increase your numbers. You will need further information to be able to make the right decision here. It is quite likely that the zombie virus is spread through direct contact or bodily fluids, so heading for a remote area may help you find others. Islands, remote countryside or even large buildings may hold other survivors or vital supplies.

Consider carefully how you will get there. Its all very well saying an armoured vehicle would be good, but where will you get one. Yes that would be ideal, but you also want something you know how to drive! My work vehicle is a VW transporter with no windows in the rear and a fitted metal bulkhead. It has a lot of torque from a big diesel engine, making it ideal for ploughing through swarms of undead. The back is full of my tools, has plenty of room for supplies and will provide a last 'alamo' if required.

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The aftermath

 So your zombie survival guide got you and your family through the initial stages and you have found your way to a truly safe location. Be creative as to what this new home may be. It doesn't have to be an island, with enough survivors the perfect location may be a department store or remote farmhouse. Only now can you pause for breath and try to establish contact with the outside world. A global zombie apocalypse will leave you needing to build your own future, where as an isolated outbreak of a zombie virus may mean you can return to your home after a period of time. Try to have plans for both. By having a plan you will reduce stress and minimise the urge to panic.

As my own plans develop, i'll be sure to add more details to this zombie survival guide. In the meantime, make a start on your own!


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    • profile image

      Ash 4 years ago

      Wow this is so something to show my friends!

    • mythbuster profile image

      mythbuster 6 years ago from Utopia, Oz, You Decide

      Hello dosburros. Interesting article here. I'm interested in the medical article you found. I'd like to read it, too. Do you remember/could you please post the name of it? Nice hub!

    • Annie67 profile image

      Annie67 6 years ago from Southern California

      I own an RV and fully loaded. The windows have bars on them and there is a way to get on the roof and under neath without going out side. Need a ride, look me up.

    • Jagodka profile image

      Jagodka 6 years ago

      You need a Zombie Survival kit in your house, car and workplace at all times!

    • angeladale2 profile image

      Angela Dale 6 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

      I knew it!

    • Jeannieinabottle profile image

      Jeannie InABottle 6 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      One of my co-workers said he had a dream about me and a vampire apocalypse. In the dream, people ended up at my apartment since it seemed perfect for this type of situation due to having a high rise apartment and security. Perhaps my apartment will work out for the zombie apocalypse, too. Thanks for the info!

    • profile image

      klevifusha 6 years ago

      Very original. I enjoyed reading. I have a question for you. How did you place the little "Warning" signs on the side of your Hub? I am very curious. Thank you.

    • profile image

      mcs 6 years ago


    • Mrs. J. B. profile image

      Mrs. J. B. 6 years ago from Southern California

      Very interesting article.