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A fathers view of martial art training for son

Updated on February 4, 2016

Does my son want to learn the martial arts?

Nathaniel was 5 years old, home schooled no exposure to the public school system but needed to interact with children in his age group. Asked my son if he might like to learn a martial arts skill, we talked about it for a few days and he said he wanted to learn Tae Kwan Do, as one of his friends was taking lessons. My son and I went and spoke with the local Master and reviewed the program and expectations of the school. Got all the protection gear and uniform for my son, started the next day.

The first thing taught was Respect, for the school, for the skills training and the instructors.The use of Order and Discipline in addressing the students and the teachers. The exercise routine and stance drills teaching the correct poses for the defence and attack positions and applications soon became routine and each phase of the numerous phases take about 90 days to complete. Constant practice, drills and competitions refine the skills and discipline of my son. The practices went on 3 time a week this went on for the next 5 years. Nathaniel advanced through the belt ranking of colors from White belt to Senior Blue belt within this time period. Nathaniel will be participating for the next few years to attain the prestigeous Black belt that signifies he has completed all the skill levels.

To ask has it been worth the time spent by me and my wife taking and supporting Nathaniel in his sport and skill training the short answer is YES.

Nathaniel gained confidence, greater hand and eye coordination, constant rigerious exercise program, associating and learning with dedicated professionals that take great pride in their skills and passing them onto such willing youths, watching him gain respect and discipline for his teachers and fellow contestants, to listen and focus and not quit because it gets hard of tiring.

Nathaniel carries over the learned disciplines to all his daily activities in the home and music lessons, with our neighborhood children and church family.

For the record this has been apositive experience for our family to watch the developement of a fine young boy growing into a fine young man.


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