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A follow up to the Pro Bowl. Miami Dolphins WR Brandon Marshall Steals the Show

Updated on November 1, 2012

Brandon Marshall


Miami Dolphins WR Brandon Marshall steals the show

As I've mentioned in a previous hub, this years NFL Pro Bowl was nothing more then a few hours of half-hearted type scrimmage play between selected NFL players to gather in Hawaii for what is called a competition. The final score totaled 100 points between the AFC and NFC with the AFC taking the win by a score of 59 to 41 on Sunday.

The Pro Bowl still appeared to be focused on interviews, no pass rushing, no hard tackles, weak defenses and more of a scoring frenzy then anything most football fans have witnessed during the regular season. It's a far contrast from what we hope will be a hard core competition between this years Super Bowl contenders next weekend, the New England Patriots versus the New York Giants.

However, there was at least one athlete who played yesterday that gave it his all and admittedly put 100% into his game. Miami Dolphins wide receiver, Brandon Marshall scored a receiving touchdown in each of the 4 quarters yesterday and totaled 176 yards on 6 catches. His 4 TD's from 3 different quarterbacks set a Pro Bowl records and earned him the Pro Bowl MVP.

Marshall was quoted as saying “You never know when you’re going to be back and I wanted to go all out today because it could be my last Pro Bowl.”

It's this type of thought process that most NFL fans want to see out of this game. Clearly, the thought of injury lingers in a players mind during this game which has no significance in stats or records but for Marshall, he delivered an effort that was not only noteworthy but injury free.

The winning division (AFC) members received a $50,000 bonus while the NFC players took home $25,000.

Marshall, for his efforts and MVP status earned him a brand new GMC SUV. A vehicle that he announced in his post game interview that he was giving to his mother.

Marshall's Miami Dolphins finished a disappointing 6-10 during the regular season so this stage at the least allowed for Marshall to display his talents. Marshall scored 6 touchdowns during the regular season.

The Miami Dolphins fired their coach Tony Sprano last year as well as replaced much of their coaching staff in hopes of improving heading into next year. The Dolphins showcase players remain intact including Marshall and RB Reggie Bush.

Congratulations Brandon Marshall for your Pro Bowl performance and MVP status. Every year the MVP winner gets his name placed on a banner at the Aloha Stadium in Hawaii and Marshall's will be the newest addition joining other former winners such as Jerry Rice and Walter Payton. 


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