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A girl playing in a boys world

Updated on August 10, 2011

Youth sports are a tricky situation. You have "girl" sports and you have "boy" sports. Occasionally you will have a sport that a boy and girl can play together. Soccer, baseball, tennis, gymnastics... football?

Does football run under the non gender sport? More and more kids are wanting to play the same sport as their sibling. How many parents are actually ok with this? Do boys get more recognition than girls? in a way, I think yes. Girls can be playing on the same football team as a boy and not get the same attention if they make an amazing catch or throw. Boys tend to be a little better at football or baseball then girls. Just like girls are better at dance. Why do you categorize people like this?

I don't see a problem with girls and boys playing on the same team, when they are younger then, say, 12. After that, I feel if the child wants to continue with that sport, there should be a female/male only group. Once you hit puberty, it is a little harder for everyone to see equally. At the same time, we still have to go along with the desire our children have for something. Why should we cancel out on the hope of our children just because it isn't "right" for them to play a sport?

I feel playing on the same team when young, can improve the way our future generations can improve their respect for the opposite sex. If we classify male and female at a young age, that sticks when these children age. In the workplace, shouldn't we all be considered equal?

Our daughter has been in all sports, including dance. She has gone back and forth between dance, soccer, baseball and now football, on her brothers team. Gladly for us and her, the team of boys has taken her on as one of the boys. They joke with her, tell her good job and encourage her to do better. To close the blinders, we have to acknowledge the capabilities of all, young or old, no matter what we feel is right.

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    • justateacher profile image

      LaDena Campbell 6 years ago from Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Near Oz...

      When my younger daughter was five and six she participated in an all boy football league...she was the only girl in the whole league...when I was asked why she was playing, I told everyone it was because she wanted to..She was going to play football as long as she could, but at seven she discovered baseball...she never played softball and played on three different co-ed teams. She was never the best player...but she tried harder than any other player...and she had more heart than most of the boys...

      We ran into problems with other parents being negative...but usually the boys just accepted her as a part of the team...

    • profile image

      Dogg 6 years ago

      i think that your right. kids are kids and they should be able to express themselves how they want to.