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A great day out on a rubber dingy fishing for Bass in France

Updated on January 3, 2013

Start of the day

Fishing the estuary at Guidel for Bass in Brittany France

With high tide at 5pm we arrived at the estuary at Guidel around noon, to find the tide just on the turn which gave us a great opportunity to see how the sea bed looked before being covered with water.

The estuary is just a 30 minute drive from La Forge.

I have fished this location before using beach caster rods with 6oz weights and have always caught, never having a blank day. As I was with my girlfriend it did not matter what size of fish we caught as long as some were caught.

It was the first time out in the rubber dingy and I had done some internet research first to make sure our trip went safely.

We purchased a small anchor and after doing the research discovered you need a 5-1 ratio of rope too depth of water as the anchor requires horizontal force to dig in to the sea bed, in addition I bought 3 meters of the heaviest chain I could buy in the local DIY centre to increase that horizontal force.

We also bought life jackets and a spare paddle just in case ( keeps my parents happy).

It was lovely to see the anchor hold fast despite a strong current and we fished up to 6pm finishing just after the tide turned.

Using the dingy allowed the use of very light tackle, using 6 ft spinning rods, 8lb breaking strain line, using a 1oz free running ledger weight with a 3 ft trace tied to a single number 1 long shank hook.

We used rag worm as bait and caught the first fish after the second cast, a small bass and several more small fish until I caught a fish just over 2 lbs in weight an hour before high tide. After that we just caught one additional small Bass and ended the day with 7 fish caught of which 6 were returned.

The sun was shinning for most of the day and despite the odd shower for 10 minutes duration it was a great way to spend the day with my girlfriend.

Looking forward to our next sea fishing adventure.

Our day out fishing

Lets go fishing


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