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A Letter to Arsenal FC and Their Fans: Those That Gunned Down the Gunners

Updated on September 11, 2018

Those that gunned down the gunners: A letter to Arsenal football club and the Fans.

The north London club, Arsenal football club, popularly known as the Gunners is one of the most entertaining football clubs in the world. The club plays lovely football and has an enviable pedigree in English league, English FA Cup, and carling cup. Although the club is yet to match their archrivals, Manchester United, both in England and in Europe where Arsenal has failed to control the stage on the highest level of football.

Liverpool FC has a good record which is mostly part of their past glorious years, but in recent years, Chelsea FC has proven to be a force to reckoned with both in England and in Europe. Maybe, many thanks to the special one, Jose Mourinho, who brought a fighting spirit, confidence, and motivation to the club and that has put the club on the right track. Maybe, again, of course, the billionaire owner knows what he wanted, and he made it happen though he is not satisfied yet because Europe is has refused to bow, hopeful someday Europe will bow. The desire of the owner is reasonable and not unexpected because every club wants to be among those that matter. Show me who does not want to be a winner.

I enjoyed following Chelsea in the days of Dennis wise, Le Saux and their French backline wall. I also enjoyed watching other good clubs on their good days, like Bayern Munich, Juventus among other good football clubs in their glorious days, when they played good and fantastic football in Europe. But before I could know what a football fan is all about I was in love with Arsenal. The club won my heart by their lovely football and finishes. I can say that I enjoy watching good football, but I love the Arsenal football club. I have followed Arsenal even when they fail to get the results. I love the club and their good football, but it seems results are what makes the fans happy. I am right; the Fans need results because I also need results.

I read some comments by Arsenal Fans on Facebook. Many of the fans are not happy because of lack of results, and some of them have asked for the coach to be sacked. Some fans said, they quit the club even a good friend of mine who was a diehard Arsenal fan, I was told has quit the club. I may not blame the fans for their reactions and comments, but that is not the spirit of the game. This is because bad days are likely to come in all things we do in life but what matters is how we get back. That is how we pick ourselves up.

The carling cup final defeat on 27-02-11 changed a lot of things and after the defeat followed Champions league defeat in the hands of Barcelona and FA cup defeat by Man U. The EPL is all the Gunners have to for play this season, but it seems the club is losing grip in the title race because of draws which could have been a win on a good day.

I have this to say to those Fans that think that all that matters in being a fan is supporting teams that get steady results. They can move to those clubs like Man United, and Barcelona that have succeeded to gun down the gunners in recent years. But I warn that such fan will someday quit the club because winning results are not forever. Then I have this to say to the club. Although the coach, once, claimed to rebuild his team and asked for time to start getting results. The time has come, and the fans need a result. Some fans called Wenger an ‘ Economist’, but I think that it is right to give young players a chance because players like Messi cannot play in more than one club at a time.

What it means is that these young players shall someday be the big players, but they need to have the confidence, motivation, faith, and the fighting spirit. Above all, they must believe in themselves and their ability because they are the great players. That was how Cesc was developed, and Thierry Henry was relatively unknown before he joined Arsenal, but today he is among the best players.

My point is that the players may be young, but that should not stop them from getting results in the field of play, even against big teams. But if the club thinks that the players cannot do it, then they better get those players that can do it and get results for the Fans. Let us remember that club like real Madrid bought a good number of star players, but that did not change many things for the club, at that time. Then again clubs like FC Porto had no known star player, but they won the champions league. That was when their players and coach got attention. It follows that the most important thing is not individual players but team spirit and the Gunners need to bring back the team fighting spirit, even the coach needs it, at this time.

The Gunners must know that if they want to beat the best, then they must be the best because it takes the best to beat the best. Justice cannot be biased; you can only beat the best to be called the best. The Arsenal symbol is a canon, a big gun, which should be used to gun down the opponents but unfortunately, the Gunners have been gunned down. I know that they can pick themselves up and position their barrel in the right direction. Above all they must, once again, learn how to fire more than 3 or 7 bullets at a target to ensure that the target goes down.

The fans should also know that the team need their love and spirit regarding support because if the fans should lose confidence and faith in the team, then for whom will the team play for? For whom will the team look up to for support? The spirit of the game is the love for the game.

Gunners may not always win, but most of the fans are confident and will continue to say ‘ we are Gunners for life’. There is still hope because it is not over until it is over. The team can even do it this season in style ( who does not like styles?), but the confidence, determination, faith, and teamwork and spirit must be brought back into the team.

I love football, and I enjoy to play football, above all I am a Gunner.

Wake up Oh! Gunners and let us gun down those that have gunned down the Gunners.


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