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A quick beginners guide to starting running

Updated on January 14, 2013

How to start running

With the years, the art of running has seemed to become more and more popular for the everyday person. And for good reasons.
Running is cheap, almost everyone has the ability to do so, and you can do it everywhere.

Here are a few important tips on what to do, when you are about to start running:

  • Consider getting a medical check up at your doctor, if you haven’t had one recently, to make sure that you are good and ready and exercising.
  • Buy good shoes.
    People can have very different foot types, so it is a good idea to go to a special running store and have them analyze your running style, so you can get a proper running shoe.
    This is mostly important if have had problems earlier on with leg pain or pain from running or exercise.
  • Warm up. 5-10 minute brisk walk is recommended
  • Don’t worry about speed or pace. Just take it easy, make your running a habit, and enjoy yourself.

When starting to run, a running program can be very beneficial.
Here is a few proper ones:

Runners world, 8 week beginners program
Cool Running, running program
Womens health mag, running program, running program


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