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The Ins and Outs of AAA's Verano de Escándalo

Updated on June 12, 2015

If you're a wrestling fan, this weekend is for you. Not only will WWE be holding its annual Money in the Bank PPV (spoiler alert; Roman Reigns wins. Everything), but Lucha Underground godfathers AAA will be hosting a PPV of their own, Verano de Escándalo. Spanish for the phrase "summer of scandal", Verano de Escándalo has been moved from its usual end of the summer date to the beginning, with a boatload of multi man (and woman) matches and a AAA Championship bout to provide you with your lucha libre fill. And as we don't just love Lucha Underground here, I thought, why not give this show a preview? While I'm unfortunately not as huge an AAA viewer as I'd like to be (it'll also be unlikely that I'll get to see this show for a few days), this is a show that does deserve to be seen, featuring some great talent not just from the LU, but from Mexico in general. Thus, you're going to get it. If this isn't as in depth or knowledgable a preview as you would like, I apologize. Like many, I'm still learning about lucha libre myself, and am merely just trying my best here to show support. Alright, enough with the intros. Let's get this puppy started. ON WITH THE SHOW!!!

Eight Person Mixed Tag Match

Dinastia, El Elegido, Faby Apache and Pimpinela Escarlata vs. Mamba, Mini Psycho Clown, La Parka Negra and Taya

What to Expect: I honestly have no idea, as I don't really know many of the combatants in this match. My guess however is that it'll have some humor and some fast paced action (fast paced action in lucha libre? WHY I NEVER!) to get the crowd hot. If you're like me and haven't seen as many of these luchadores as you'd like, this match will be exciting on that alone. I'm particularly looking forward to seeing Faby Apache and Taya, two of the best female performers in AAA who have been feuding on and off for a few years now. By the way, count Taya as yet another former WWE developmental wrestler who they decided to cut loose, only to later watch her prosper down in Mexico. They're loss is our gain!

Winner: I'm going with the rudos here. This will be a fan favorite friendly show overall I feel, so might as well get the crowd feisty at the start. Thus, Taya pins Faby.

Alas de Oro Tournament, 10 Way Elimination Match

Aero Star vs. Bengala vs. Daga vs. Drago vs. Fenix vs. El Hijo del Fantasma vs. Super Fly vs. Super Nova vs. Steve Pain vs. Luchadore Sorpresa (mystery opponent)

What to Expect: Some background; the Alas de Oro (Spanish for Wings of Gold) is a tournament/multi man elimination match featuring young, up and coming high flyers. This appears to be the first time the tournament has been done since 2008 (though don't quote me on it) and boy, is AAA bringing this back in style. This match should be spectacular, a lucha libre fan's wet dream if you will. Seriously, this match has an all star cast that Christopher Nolan would envy. Aero Star and his Power Rangers suit will be there. Bengala, fresh off his Lucha Underground debut this past week, will be there. Drago and his Batman wings will be there. Fenix, evidently off life support after Mil Muertes destroyed him, will be there. Super Fly will be there. El Hijo del Fantasma (aka King Cuerno) will be there. And that's just the names you know! This will be fast, this will be furious, and most importantly, this will be fun. I may have to drink three bottles of Mountain Dew just to keep up with it.

Winner: Isn't it tempting to go with the mystery guy here? For one, he'll have a kayfabe tactical advantage (as no one knows who he is, no one will have time to prepare for him). And two, you just never go against the mystery man! It's like betting against the Cubs playing a little league team. Thus, the mystery man gets my vote. As he has no identity though, I'll throw my hat in with Fantasma as my second choice, just because he seems like a cool cat. You have to be if you're wearing Deer Antlers to the ring every Wednesday night like it's the most badass thing ever.

Triple Threat Match for the AAA Trios Championship

Los Psychos Circus (c) vs. Los Hell Brothers vs. Holocausto

What to Expect: This match is like if the Undertaker and Kane fought the Wyatt Family and TNA's The Revolution, and all of them were on LSD. Things are going to get dark here. Los Hell Brothers are Averno, Chessman and Cibernetico (the latter wrestled in WWE back in the dawn of the Attitude Era), the most normal of the three teams, despite being extraordinarily violent and deranged. Holocausto consists of Electroshock, Hijo del Pirata Morgan (sounds like the name of a Caribbean light beer doesn't it?) and a mystery partner, somehow the most frightening thing about a team named after the Holocaust and featuring a dude named Electroshock (are you going to mess with a dude named Electroshock? Just like The Rock thought). And finally, there's Psycho Clown, Murder Clown and Monster Clown, our AAA Trios Champions and a combination of Doink, Pennywise and the clown that chased Xander around in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. These teams are bonkers weird.

Pennywise, idol of Los Psychos Circus. Also the inspiration for an awesome punk band
Pennywise, idol of Los Psychos Circus. Also the inspiration for an awesome punk band

That said, don't let that distract you from the fact that this match will be really good. Los Hell Brothers are fantastic individually, three of the best big (for lucha libre) wrestlers AAA has to offer. Electroshock is decent as well. And frankly, there's not enough nice things I can say about those delightful killer Clowns. I haven't seen as much as them as I would like, but they're good. You have to be if you've held the titles for almost 850 days (eat your heart out CM Punk). In short, this will be entertaining as all hell.

Winner: Going with the Circus. Yes, I know I just said a few minutes ago never to bet against the mystery opponent. That said, you also never bet against the team with the long, LONG title reign unless you have a chance to make someone huge with the win. And barring the final member of Holocausto being someone huge, I don't see it. The Clowns retain and throw the creepiest celebration since Michael Douglas' last wrap party. Can I now kindly request we get Los Psychos Circus vs. Angelico, Ivelisse and Son of Havoc? How much will it take? Whose soul do I have to sell? I'll do anything really. JUST GET IT DONE!

Lucha de Apuestas Steel Cage Match

Jack Evans and Angelico vs. Dark Cuervo and Dark Escoria

What to Expect: This is the most anticipated match of the evening for me, and I don't really even know who Dark Cuervo and Dark Escoria are (I'm guessing they're quite dark though). Let's be real; if Angelico is there, I'm going to be there as well. I've said many times he's the best thing about wrestling today, and getting to see him in a Steel Cage match should be something to behold. Add to the fact that Evans will be there with him, and this is a must. Have you ever seen the man, myth and legend in a Cage match? Put some steel around everyone's favorite break dancer, and he turns nuttier than Los Psychos Circus. With the fact that his hair is now going to be on the line, I expect we'll see him go nuclear crazy in this match. A double moonsault? Motherfucker might do three. I will buy every Eminem CD ever if he does.

Winner: I'm going with Evans and Angelico here, mainly because I am super, SUPER biased, and because I find it hard to believe AAA and Lucha Underground would have Angelico and Evans rocking longer hair on one program and short hair on the next. This should be a good one though. I joke about Cuervo and Escoria, but they're talented guys themselves, and from what I've seen of the build for this match, they've been brutal towards Evans and Angelico. I expect this will be tenfold here, especially with so much hair on the line. #CutEvansCut

At least he has the bandana, just in case
At least he has the bandana, just in case

Six Man Tag

Rey Mysterio Jr, Myzteziz and La Parka vs. El Mesias, Johnny Mundo and Pentagon Jr

What to Expect: This is a very stark contrast we find here in teams. On one hand, we have a group of Mexican legends in Myzteziz, La Parka and Mysterio. And these guys aren't just any legends; you could make the argument that Mysterio and Myzteziz are two of the greatest lucha libre legends ever, with La Parka not being too far behind himself. On the other hand, you have the perfect rudo team with the cocky Johnny Mundo, the diabolical youngster in Pentagon Jr and the beast king himself, moonlighting as El Mesias. You couldn't ask for six better performers to be in this match honestly. I anticipate this will be one of the four matches in running for match of the night (along with Alas de Oro, the title match and the cage match), and could very easily close the show. I'm especially intrigued to see how Mundo does, as this will be, other than the World Cup, only his second match in Mexico if my calculations are correct.

Winner: As this is only Mysterio's second PPV match back in Mexico, it would absolutely shock me to see him take a loss. Hell, I wouldn't bet on Mysterio for the next year in all honesty. Thus, I see his team taking it here. I wouldn't be shocked to see a feud started here however. Perhaps Mundo, frustrated with the loss, goes after Mysterio after the match? I don't know about you, but that's a Triplemania match I would like to see.

AAA Mega Championship Match

El Patron Alberto (c) vs. Cage

What to Expect: You know, just the most popular wrestler in lucha libre today going up against one of 2015's break out stars. No big deal at all! Seriously though, who would've thought Cage would be in this position right now? It wasn't too long ago that the man from the 559 was within reach for both WWE and TNA, only for both companies to inexplicably pass on him. Now, Cage has become one of the best overall performers in wrestling, is killing it every week on Lucha Underground and has also become a top rudo in AAA. Unbelievable stuff. I think you could easily make the argument that he's the best wrestler this year, and most certainly is the best big man in wrestling right now. Excuse me while I run screaming from Mil Muertes trying to kill me for that statement.

If everything goes right for this bout, this will be the match of the night, hands down. In addition to Cage, El Patron is no slouch either in the ring, and has gone from WWE nomad to an icon in Mexico ever since returning last year. There will be a really interesting dynamic here with the result. Is Cage the badass rudo that AAA can use to have guys like Patron, Mysterio and others chase go forward? Or would they prefer to have El Patron, clearly the biggest star, carry the belt at least till Triplemania, clearly the biggest even AAA has to offer? I can't wait to find out. Present vs. Future doesn't get any better than this.

Winner: I could definitely see Cage winning this match. I really could. The problem for me though is that Triplemania is still on the horizon, and I have to believe AAA wants El Patron to hold the belt going into that. Plus, I can't shake the feeling that El Patron vs. El Mesias is a money match that just can't be ignored. Thus, I'll go with El Patron in a fantastic match. Really, the victory for Cage is just being in this match, and as long as he performs well (and he will), I don't see a loss harming him. He will have his day sooner than later.

That'll do it guys. I'll be back later tonight with some Ultima Lucha talk. It's just a lucha libre kind of day I guess. Till then, go Los Psychos Circus, go Taya, go Fantasma, go Evans and Angelico and best of luck to everyone in the last three matches. What, I can't decide who to root for. Ugh, people are making the Aaron Eckhart face at me, aren't they?

Please change disks to continue...

What Verano de Escándalo match are you most looking forward too?

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