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ACC Team by Team 2011 Schedule Breakdown

Updated on August 30, 2011

Impact ACC Players (2011)

QB EJ Manuel (Florida State)
QB EJ Manuel (Florida State)
DE Brandon Jenkins (Florida State)
DE Brandon Jenkins (Florida State)
WR DeAndre Hopkins (Clemson)
WR DeAndre Hopkins (Clemson)
RB Andre Ellington (Clemson)
RB Andre Ellington (Clemson)
RB Mustafa Greene (NC State)
RB Mustafa Greene (NC State)
SS Earl Wolff (NC State)
SS Earl Wolff (NC State)
LB Luke Kuechly (Boston College)
LB Luke Kuechly (Boston College)
RB Montel Harris (Boston College)
RB Montel Harris (Boston College)
QB Danny O'Brien (Maryland0
QB Danny O'Brien (Maryland0
RB Davin Meggett (Maryland)
RB Davin Meggett (Maryland)
FS Eddie Whitley (Virginia Tech)
FS Eddie Whitley (Virginia Tech)
WR Dyrell Roberts (Virginia Tech)
WR Dyrell Roberts (Virginia Tech)
RB David Wilson (Virginia Tech)
RB David Wilson (Virginia Tech)
RB Lamar Miller (Miami,Fl)
RB Lamar Miller (Miami,Fl)
DE Quinton Coples (North Carolina)
DE Quinton Coples (North Carolina)
RB Perry Jones (Virginia)
RB Perry Jones (Virginia)
RB Josh Harris (Wake Forest)
RB Josh Harris (Wake Forest)
CB Donnie Fletcher (Boston College)
CB Donnie Fletcher (Boston College)
CB Greg Reid (Florida State)
CB Greg Reid (Florida State)
RB Ryan Houston (North Carolina)
RB Ryan Houston (North Carolina)
LB Audie Cole (NC State)
LB Audie Cole (NC State)

ACC 2011 Schedules



9/3/11 vs Louisiana-Monroe

9/10/11 vs Charleston Southern

9/17/11 vs Oklahoma (Statement Game) - after two warm up games at home against La. Monore and Charleston Southern the noles welcome Oklahoma who should be ranked #1 or #2 in the nation, last season the noles failed to make a statement in this game losing in Norman by 30.

9/24/11 at Clemson (Impact Game) - if the the noles can get past top ranked Oklahoma the week before they will have to get focus as they will begin conference play on the road against Clemson where they have dropped there last four trips to Clemson.

10/8/11 at Wake Forest

10/15/11 at Duke

10/22/11 vs Maryland

10/29/11 vs NC State (Swing Game) - this game almost knocked FSU out of the ACC Atlantic Division last season but NC State could finish and the noles went on to claim the ACC Atlantic Division title last season, they will be coming off a home game against a talent Maryland team the week prior so this could swing the season in a good manner with a win.

11/3/11 at Boston College

11/12/11 vs Miami(FL)

11/19/11 vs Virginia

11/26/11 at Florida (Trap Game) - although the noles will have played at Boston College on a Thursay 23 days ago and also to home games against arch rival Miami(FL) and Virginia this could be a trap game for the Noles, they have lost there last three trips to Gainesville.


9/3/11 vs Troy

9/10/11 vs Wofford

9/17/11 vs Auburn

9/24/11 vs Florida State (Impact Game) - Clemson will get FSU at a good time as the noles will be coming off a non conference matchup against top ranked Oklahoma the week before but Clemson will be coming off a non conference game against defending national champ Auburn at home as well.

10/1/11 at Virginia Tech

10/8/11 vs Boston College (Swing Game) - the Tigers will have played three tough games in a row, Auburn and Florida State at home and a trip to Blacksburg the week before so this game will be critical depending on how they fair on the previous three.

10/15/11 at Maryland (Trap Game) - Clemson will have already played Florida State, Virginia Tech and Boston College with also non conference game against Auburn, they will be coming off a home game against Boston College so this could be a trap game for Clemson that they will need if the want to contend for the ACC Atlantic division.

10/22/11 vs North Carolina

10/29/11 at Georgia Tech

11/12/11 vs Wake Forest

11/19/11 at NC State

11/26/11 at South Carolina (Statement Game) - the Gamecocks have won the last two meetings in this heated rivalry, Clemson can make a statement in this game especially if South Carolina is highly ranked.


9/3/11 vs Liberty

9/10/11 vs at Wake Forest (Trap Game) - this can be a trap game for the Wolfpack as they start the season against FCS Liberty and will play South Alabama the next week which just started it's football program in 2009.

9/17/11 vs South Alabama

9/22/11 at Cincinnati

10/1/11 vs Georgia Tech

10/8/11 vs Central Michigan

10/22/11 at Virginia

10/29/11 at Florida State (Statement Game) - the Wolfpack can make a statement here if they want to be in contention for the ACC Atlantic division

11/5/11 vs North Carolina

11/12/11 at Boston College

11/19/11 vs Clemson (Impact Game) - the Wolfpact finish the season with two home game one against Clemson and the other against Maryland, this is the first one against Clemson who they lost to last season by 1.

11/26/11 vs Maryland (Swing Game) - depending on what happens the week before in a home game against Clemson this game become a swing game for the Wolfpack, last season NC State lost this game in Maryland knocking them out of the ACC title game.


9/3/11 vs Northwestern

9/10/11 at Central Florida (Trap Game) - this can be a trap game for the Eagles especially if they don't get by Northwestern the week before at home

9/17/11 vs Duke

9/24/11 vs Massachusetts

10/1/11 vs Wake Forest

10/8/11 at Clemson

10/22/11 at Virgina Tech

10/29/11 at Maryland (Impact Game) - the Eagles will need this game if they want to contend in the ACC Atlantic divison as they will have a short week when they host Florida State 5 days later on a Thursday night game

11/3/11 vs Florida State (Statement Game) - this will be probably the biggest game of Boston College's season, especially if the Noles are as good as advertise, they also get them on a Thursday night where upsets seem to happen alot in college football lately

11/12/11 vs NC State (Swing Game)

11/19/11 at Notre Dame

11/25/11 at Miami(Fl)


9/5/11 vs Miami(Fl) (Statement Game)

9/17/11 vs West Virginia

9/24/11 vs Temple

10/1/11 vs Towson

10/8/11 at Georgia Tech

10/15/11 vs Clemson (Swing Game)

10/22/11 at Florida State

10/29/11 vs Boston College

11/5/11 vs Virginia

11/12/11 vs Notre Dame (Landover) (Impact Game)

11/19/11 at Wake Forest

11/26/11 at NC State (Trap Game)


9/3/11 at Syracuse

9/10/11 vs NC State (Impact Game)

9/17/11 vs Gardner-Webb

10/1/11 at Boston College

10/8/11 vs Florida State

10/15/11 vs Virginia Tech

10/22/11 at Duke (Swing Game)

10/29/11 at North Carolina

11/5/11 vs Notre Dame (Statement Game)

11/12/11 at Clemson

11/19/11 vs Maryland

11/26/11 vs Vanderbilt (Trap Game)



9/3/11 vs Appalachian State

9/10/11 at East Carolina

9/17/11 vs Arkansas State

9/24/11 at Marshall

10/1/11 vs Clemson

10/8/11 vs Miami(Fl) (Statement Game)

10/15/11 at Wake Forest

10/22/11 vs Boston College

10/29/11 at Duke

11/10/11 at Georgia Tech (Swing Game)

11/17/11 vs North Carolina (Impact Game)

11/26/11 at Virginia


9/5/11 at Maryland (Trap Game)

9/17/11 vs Ohio State (Impact Game)

9/24/11 vs Kansas State

10/1/11 vs Bethune-Cookman

10/8/11 at Virginia Tech (Statement Game)

10/15/11 at North Carolina

10/22/11 vs Georgia Tech

10/27/11 vs Virginia

11/5/11 vs Duke

11/12/11 at Florida State (Swing Game)

11/19/11 at South Florida

11/25/11 vs Boston College


9/3/11 vs James Madison

9/10/11 vs Rutgers

9/24/11 at Georgia Tech (Swing Game)

10/1/11 at East Carolina

10/8/11 vs Louisville

10/15/11 vs Miami(Fl) (Impact Game)

10/22/11 at Clemson

10/29/11 vs Wake Forest

11/5/11 at NC State (Trap Game)

11/17/11 at Virginia Tech (Statement Game)

11/26/11 vs Duke


9/1/11 West Carolina

9/10/11 at Middle Tennessee

9/17/11 vs Kansas

9/24/11 vs North Carolina (Swing Game)

10/1/11 at NC State

10/8/11 vs Maryland

10/15/11 at Virginia (Trap Game)

10/22/11 at Miami(Fl)

10/29/11 vs Clemson

11/10/11 vs Virginia Tech (Impact Game)

11/19/11 at Duke

11/26/11 vs Georgia (Statement Game)


9/3/11 vs William & Mary

9/10/11 at Indiana

9/17/11 at North Carolina

9/24/11 vs Southern Miss

10/1/11 vs Idaho

10/15/11 vs Georgia Tech (Swing Game)

10/22/11 vs NC State

10/27/11 at Miami(Fl)

11/5/11 at Maryland (Impact Game)

11/12/11 vs Duke (Trap Game)

11/19/11 at Florida State

11/26/11 vs Virginia Tech (Statement Game)


9/3/11 Richmond

9/10/11 vs Stanford (Statement Game)

9/17/11 at Boston College

9/24/11 vs Tulane

10/1/11 at Florida International

10/15/11 vs Florida State

10/22/11 vs Wake Forest (Trap Game)

10/29/11 vs Virginia Tech

11/5/11 at Miami(Fl)

11/12/11 at Virginia (Swing Game)

11/19/11 vs Georgia Tech (Impact Game)

11/26/11 at North Carolina


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