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American Boxing

Updated on August 23, 2010

A Champ needs US approval?

 The heavyweight division for some years now hasn't had its showboating boxers of late like like we've seen with previous generations of the heavyweight division such as ali or tyson .

But one question that gets me is why do people say its the ''weakest era'' or '' the heavyweight division needs a ssaviour'' blah blah blah but all this nonsense complaining is coming from the states?.

But an interesting question i posed was if the k bros were american do you think they would be treated differently alot boxing observers point this out.

I remember when lennox lewis was the heavyweight champ people in the states never really gave him credit for his achievements and always hated on him.

Its probably down to the fact he beat every single opponent that came out of the america (excluding his lose to rahman )most notable win over tyson which they are still bitter about.

Now that hbo have made a cowardly move to say '' no 1 is interested in the heavyweight division in the usa'' is a very general statement to make.

When vitali fought arreolo last year they were reportedly up to 20,000 fans watching the fight and looking at the views that hbo generated of the k bros fights a lot of people may have a point to argue over these claims that no1 is interested in the heavyweight division.

But what gets me even more is that you have to gain americans approval before you can be considered as a true champ and break onto the international stage. Yes many people would consider America to be the home of boxing but why is it there you have to necessarily prove that you are a true champ.

But interestingly enough the k bros generate on average 60k fans to watch their fights which the same capicity as a football stadium.

But this is my view on the issue, America needs to stop being babies and try to open their eyes to foreign boxing champs instead of being so critical if their not American.

Whats your take on this issue do you think the american boxing community will ever open to a heavyweight champ outside the states?.


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