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Updated on April 22, 2012

This article is for you if:

- You get frustrated when you practice

- Don’t feel like you get any better when you practice

- Get distracted when working on your golf game

- Practice ineffectively

- Don’t seem to have any fun when you practice

- Want to improve your golf game and have fun while doing it

The Problem:

You finish your work for the day or you get out of school and you decide to head out to the golf course to squeeze in some practice while it is still light out. You start out in a calm frame of mind, but as you continue to practice, and hit more poor shots, you tense up and get frustrated at yourself for hitting these bad shots. You leave the range, putting, or chipping green upset and ask yourself why you’re not getting any better. You leave the golf course without getting any meaningful, effective golf practice.

How to Solve:

- This is a common problem among many golfers that can be solved with some easy remedies.

- The biggest thing to overcome for many is to simply let go of the care for the result when they are practicing.

- For example, no matter what kind of shot you hit on the driving range, tell yourself after each shot that you are getting better and better.

- Every time you hit a shot your body learns from it and has the ability to make the proper adjustments. When you emote after a poor shot, you cut off all learning opportunities and your emotions take over.

- Don’t worry if you hit a bad shot, your body and mind is subconsciously making all of the proper adjustments for the next shot.

- Also, when practicing it is good to set goals, don’t just whack balls searching for that “feeling”

- Setting performance goals in your practice keeps your mind focused and doesn’t allow it to wander

- For example, instead of just hitting 20 shots with your 8 iron at random, hit at a target and keep hitting the 8 iron until you get 5-10 shots within birdie range or something

- Remember to turn off the cell phone when at the golf course. Your friends and projects can wait.

- When on the driving range, always line yourself up with an alignment rod or one of your own golf clubs

- This ensures that you are setting up to the golf ball the same way every time, thus increasing your consistency.

- Have competitions with your fellow mates to mirror what you will face on the course. Competitions with friends increase your focus and are a lot more fun than just beating balls alone

- Another great way to improve your practice is to pretend your playing a round on the course.

- Hit your driver, then an iron, followed by a chip, etc. This is just a fun game to play to increase the variety in your practice sessions.

Question Corner

What is the best feeling in golf for YOU??

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    • sawyershaw profile image

      sawyershaw 5 years ago from West Palm Beach

      I found this article very useful.