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About brave; Setien

Updated on March 11, 2016

Sétien style

About brave; Sétien

( Conspicuosly inconspicuous )

Aristotle place courage between cowardice and recklessness.

Quique Sétien UD Las Palmas manager, shows every weekend his ease to occupy that space, walking safely the thin line in a natural and elegant way. A really tough to get and keep balance point.

Talking about balance, is a word that on some coaches mouths looking for excuses or alibis have lost it original mean. Would be useful to remember, a team with 5 defense and 2 stoppers or 4 and 3 or even more conservative formations is unbalance, it´s too orientated to the back. Something similar happens with the word risk. How could we be taken more risks? Go looking for something or stay waiting for nothing. What is safest?

Tito Livio once said: Is not take intermediate via, is to take any, wait for the event in order to pass near the fortune.

Is surprising the delay that he have been suffer waiting for an opportunity to train in the highest category, in my opinion is almost 2 decades late. Former player with high quality, vision, knowledge and understanding of the game is able to make one of the more difficult things in this sport, to play easy. His teams develop comfortably the kind of game of occupying very well the spaces, high press, precise with the ball, style that brings Guardiola to our minds and is delightful to watch.

Care lees of each game score or the table position by the end of the season, he have revalue the tickets for the matches. A ticket that with the coaches who likes mistreated the balls was absurd or ridiculous expensive, seems now a correct price for the sensations, good vibrations that the team transmit to the crowd.

A prove of his intelligence is how he understood the essence of a club, the history, the identity, know- how, the way football should be played in this team. Playing with no hurry or precipitation, elaborated passing game and accelerating on the ¾ of the pitch. A mixture between south american and european football. I wouldn’t ask the same to other team managers, every team have his own style, all of them respectfully but we should know and promote our own. UD must play joyfully and for fun, the team from an island that has seen born, Iniesta´s exception, 2 of the 3 most talented Spanish players of the last decades, Valerón and Silva. A place where the ludic side of sport is very understandable.

As Mr Cruyff says, most of the teams are far to play for championships, so quality of the game, ability to satisfied our expectations of good football is the main reason to support them.

Sétien has improve each player, now they have more freedom and at the same time more responsibility, without the rusty form on the early season. He have improve all of them, so I´m not going to write of each one, but Tana´s case could be representative, from the bench to the pitch.

Obviously I wish Quique stays here for many years but at the same time, I reckon so, that I would like to see him in better budgets clubs with others aspirations. For instance to rescue teams like Newcastle or Aston Villa, or in consolidated clubs as Spurs, Everton… or Valencia, Sevilla… I even consider him able to manage a top team.

Brave is not proved by words, histrionics performances and behaviors, false controversy on press conference… like the top coward and scavenger does. Brave is proved by acts like play in every pitch, home and away with personality, no matter who is in front, go and try to practice your own football, with ability, smart… imposing the style.

As Elvis sing “little less conversation and a little more action”

Brave, Sétien.

#laliga #premiereleague #udlaspalmas #quiquesetien


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