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About Spinnerbaits

Updated on August 6, 2016


There are many variations of this “go-to” lure, but overall, it has stayed the same since the early 1950s. The spinnerbait incorporates a “safety-pin” overhead blade design bent at roughly 90 degrees going down to a cone shaped lead head and finally a hook. A skirt, made out of plastic or rubber material is attached to the lead head by a small rubber band.

Different Spinnerbaits

Spinnerbaits come in many different sizes and colors. The lead head and skirt colors can be almost any color, but some of the most popular colors incorporate white, yellow, chartreuse, blue and black. The blades are usually silver, gold or copper in color and they come in different types. Most spinnerbiats come with tandem blades of different sizes or a single Colorado blade. The tandem blades are usually a larger willow leaf blade along with a smaller Colorado blade, witch is in the shape of a tear drop. The blades can also be smooth or hammered to present different types of action and vibration in the water. Blades and skirts can be purchased separately to repair damaged lures or experiment with different colors and blade types.


Spinnerbaits | Source

Spinnerbait Blades

Spinnerbait Blades
Spinnerbait Blades | Source

Spinnerbait Trailer and Stinger Hook Attached

Spinnerbait Trailer and Stinger
Spinnerbait Trailer and Stinger | Source

Modification of Spinnerbaits

Trailers and stinger hooks can be added to spinnerbaits to give the spinnerbait a larger presentation and increase the chances of hooking a fish. Trailers are slipped on to the hook in a manner which makes it look as if it’s an extension of the spinnerbait. Stingers or trailing hooks usually have a larger eye and are slipped over the spinnerbait hook and held in place by a small rubberband or peice of plastic tubing.

Retrieving Spinnerbaits

Spinnerbaits can be retrieved slowly to attract less aggressive fish, or ripped across the water to entice aggressive fish to bite. They can be fished in open water, through weed beds, or bounced off of logs and rocks to attract fish. Spinnerbiats allow a fisherman to cover a column of water quickly and find the biting fish.


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