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Buy The Best Fishing Tackle: Abu Garcia Reels

Updated on July 6, 2011

Abu Garcia Reels History

If you are looking for a high quality fishing reel you should consider one of the many Abu Garcia reels available. Abu Garcia is one of the most recognizable names in fishing technology which offers a huge selection of various types of fishing reels.

They were originally a high quality watch company founded in 1921. Under the direction of Gote Borgstrom the founder son, Abu Garcia transformed their fine craftsmanship and superior engineering of making watches into making fishing reels. Could you imagine if Rolex the fine watch maker who also started their business in Switzerland decided to make fishing reels? I’m sure they too could make quality fishing reels utilizing their technology but I doubt if Rolex is considering making fishing reels as they make such fine watches and anyone that wants a high quality fishing reel does not need to look any farther than Abu Garcia.

Abu Garcia Reels Quality

The first fishing reel made by Abu Garcia was the Abu Record in 1941 which was then followed by the world famous Ambassadeur in 1952. Abu Garcia has different reels for serious anglers for fishing for all types of freshwater fish including bass, walleye and musky.

Abu Garcia also provides salt water fisherman a large selection of fishing reels that are built to handle the toughest situations for tarpon, snook, sailfish, marlin and any other game fish or sharks. All of Abu Garcia reels offer smooth casting, exceptional drag performance and many special features depending on what type of reel that would best suit your requirements. Abu Garcia stands behind every fishing reel they make. Their quality assurance, quality materials used and fine craftsmanship and technology separates Abu Garcia from their competitors.

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Where To Buy Abu Garcia Reels

Many Abu Garcia fishing reels are passed down from generation to generation. Also many Abu Garcia fishing reels are collected and bought and sold on Ebay and other places. As you can see I have a selection of Abu Garcia reels on the right side. At times you can find very collectible Abu Garcia reels listed.

Could you go fishing and use a fishing reel that was made especially for Mickey Mantle. There was one up for auction that was given to him on Mickey Mantle day 9/18/65. That is a one of a kind  reel that would sell for a lot of money but there are many other collectible Abu Garcia reels listed including a 5500C reel with box and extras or a vintage Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 4500 CDL reel that also comes in a wooden box.

If it is advanced high tech reels you are looking for then check out the Revo spinning reel made by Abu Garcia. Its components are 300% stronger than graphite and 50% lighter than aluminum. For whatever type of fishing you do, you can find used and new quality Abu Garcia reels on EBay or at other online sites such as Amazon

Buy Abu Garcia Reels Online
Buy Abu Garcia Reels Online


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