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Acountry that will always forgive your sins if you bowl fast

Updated on December 5, 2015

Muhammad Amir came in International circuit when he was mere 17 years old and my word did he impress. He at the age of 18 managed to write his name on the Honours Board at Lords cricket ground, believe me there are not many. He was quick, swung it late in to the right handers and artistically made the ball move away from the batsmen too.

To put it simply, batsmen’s worst nightmare.

He was making the headlines in the cricketing world with some classy spells to the finest batsmen in world cricket with the likes of Ricky Ponting, Shane Watson and Kevin Pietersen. He got the fans to roar and salivate. He always possessed the potential to achieve greatness which to me appeals more than the greatness itself. That England series back in 2010 with the conditions on his side made him the darling of the crowds.

In came the spot fixing saga. He I believe was a vulnerable young boy who was or would’ve been pressured by senior players, he’s not blameless but this idea that an 18 year old is in full control is ridiculous. However those were the darkest days in Pakistan cricket. It was a sad moment for Pakistanis when the trio was found guilty especially as far as 18 years old Amir was concerned. Pakistani cricket fans, analysts and many cricketing experts were comparing him with the legendary Wasim Akram when he showed that he was simply magical with the ball in his hand. Fans around the globe were in love with him because he had found his feet so quickly in an international arena.

The talent was remarkably special and the view of some cricketing greats regarding him sums it up. On the other hand it is always a painful sight to see such promising players damaging the integrity and pride of the country.

Now after dealing with the 5 years ban Amir turned out to be a strong boy. At this point he is back where he belongs and is ready to prove his mettle again. The performances he is giving in the domestic circle are pleasing and delightful. He is knocking on the doors of International cricket with his furious and deadly pace bowling in BPL. He is in form, taking wickets and bowling at pace. To me he is a rare talent and already a big name given his early success. I really hope that he hasn’t lost that gorgeous looking action and that his mature body allows him to bowl fast.


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