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Adaptive motion trainer review: Precor AMT100i

Updated on June 3, 2011

I love this machine!

It's not cheap, it's heavy, it's got 20 resistance levels, it burns out your fat, it's silent, it's safe, the movement is smooth, it's the PRECOR AMT100i and I love it!

This is the most complete review of an adaptive motion trainer, a great home gym machine. Find out here, what are the pros and cons of this fitness equiment, how you can use it, whom is it for, is it worth the money.

PRECOR AMT100i review

AMT or adaptive movement training is the new thing in terms of home gym equipments; it’s a concept created by a fitness equipment company, PRECOR, and it’s all about accomplishing better and faster results, while doing safe, impact-free workouts. The key feature that makes AMT equipments so good is that they adapt to the natural movement of their user, delivering an awesome experience.

I decided to write this adaptive motion trainer review, as it took me quite a while to find these, more than elliptical trainers, for my home qym. I had bought a good elliptical trainer at the beginning of the year, the Horizon Fitness EX-69, for a little under $800, which was quite a deal, but although it has a heavy flywheel which provides a nice flow to the motion and is really silent, the movement becomes redundant at some point. It’s true it has a 20 inch length stride, which for me is more than enough, since I’m average. Anyway, I wanted something different, so I returned the Horizon Fitness EX-69 to the manufacturer (I was lucky I could do that within 30 days of purchase).

After about a month of searching, reading, documenting, asking friends, fitness advisors and my bank account of course, I bought a machine that, at least for me, is perfection in terms of workout equipment. I first saw it at a friend. She had it for a couple of months and she loved it. It’s true the price is high: the list price is around $8500, although you can always find discounts, on Amazon, for example.

The adaptive motion trainer review is about the PRECOR AMT100i, Experience Series Adaptive Motion Trainer.

A variable elliptical trainer

While many of the elliptical trainers offer the possibility of changing stride, either manually or by pushing some buttons on the control panel, and you have to wait a little until the setting takes effect, the Precor AMT100i allows you to instantly choose and change your stride motion and speed.

The maximum stride length is 27 inches and the adaptive motion is exactly what it says it is. The stride will adapt to your natural movement, either it's on vertical, horizonta, either you change pace or direction, it goes where you want. No need to set anything, just move the way you want and it will follow and adapt to your needs.

This way you can diversify your training sessions the way you feel and like. This is why the AMT100i is a unique elliptical trainer, it's flexible, variable.

Alternate muscle involvement

In different type of workouts, different groups of muscles are involved to sustain your movements, therefore, if you want to work specific groups, using the PRECOR AMT100i's versatility abilities, you can.

You can choose one of the preset programs:

  • Fat Burner: a rather intense cardiovascular workout (28 minutes) design to burn fat faster;
  • Heart Rate Control: Set a traget for you heart rate, wear the chest band that monitors heart rate, input your age, and let the AMT100i adjust resistance and monitor your heart beats.
  • Interval: You want a sharp and toned cardiovascular system? This is the program for you. You can alter stride and resistance rate and the program will alternate low levels with high levels of exertion.
  • Manual: You're in charge! You control the resistance levels and the AMT100i will reflect any fluctuations.


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