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Gulmarg Snow Safety, Srinagar Photos, Snowboarding & Kongdoori Mountain Heli Tours Himalayas

Updated on October 28, 2016


Gulmarg Snow Safety with Guides

If you like winter sports, a Gulmarg ski guide can introduce you to new ways to enjoy your favorite activities. This area is known as the Meadow of Flowers.

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Gulmarg Himalayas India March 2013

Gulmarg Himalayas India March 2013
Gulmarg Himalayas India March 2013 | Source

Gulmarg Snow Safety- Gulmarg Ski Patrol in action- Skiing in Kashmir | The Outdoor Journal

It is a scenic location and one of several spots in India which are popular among visitors from all over the world. This town is a part of the Himalayas so there are lots of interesting landmarks to see and enjoy.

Gulmarg Snow Safety- Skiing & Snowboarding in Gulmarg (Kashmir) 2013

Since it receives heavy snowfall, this area has been popular among kings and other dignitaries for a long time. Five kilometers are covered by lifts and the highest areas can be accessed by gondolas.

Visitors have a wide range of choices when it comes to accommodations because there are rooms with comfortable heating to suit every budget. Some accommodate pets. They can easily accommodate large groups or individuals.

Skiing Pir Panjal

This part of the Himalayas is known for its crisp powder, which is often nicknamed curry. The high altitude and temperature produce snow of a unique consistency.

It is often spoken of among travelers who appreciate its dry nature. The harsher air does affect your skin. While there are intense snowstorm every week, tourists can still go skiing every day.

Gulmarg Kashmir Winter

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Gulmarg Kashmir

Well trained guides are accustomed to the excitement exhibited by visitors who enjoy the experience of skiing on unprepared pistes.

They have a wider range of experience and in some cases, have been leading people all over the world for decades. Some have lead or participated in expeditions to remote regions such as Antarctica.


Guided adventures in the Pir Panjal mountain range allow you to experience more of the culture in that area. Skiing to the local villages gives you the chance to have a real experience of life in that area.

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"These were great for my three year old. They are light enough and tough enough. Boots stay securely in the bindings and are a great introduction to moving in skis."

Srinagar Photos- Hari Parbat Gate

Srinagar Photos- Hari Parbat Gate
Srinagar Photos- Hari Parbat Gate

Srinagar Photos- Srinagar Houseboats

Srinagar Photos- Srinagar Houseboats
Srinagar Photos- Srinagar Houseboats

Kongdoori Mountain Heli Tours


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