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Aerial Extreme High Ropes Adventure Milton Keynes

Updated on June 14, 2011

Aerial Extreme Milton Keynes

Aerial extreme Milton Keynes is a high ropes adventure course on the edge of Willen Lake, itself a large water sports and recreation ground - and last summer it was the destination of choice for a sporty 9 year old girl.

My sister and her kids had come to stay at the height of summer - so naturally it was cool and cloudy with rain showers a plenty. 

Now, Katie, the 9 year old in question loves anything that involves climbing, running around and the illusion of danger - so when it came to the inevitable 'what can we do today' conversation a quick trip up the motorway to Willen Lake with a view to her going on the high ropes assault course seemed the perfect activity.

 From the level of excitement you'd have thought it was Christmas.

High Ropes Willen Lake
High Ropes Willen Lake

Willen Lake High Ropes

If you're looking for things to do in Milton Keynes (and the weathers okay) Willen Lake is a great destination. It's got enough going on to keep most kids entertained all day - play parks, miniature train, water sports, crazy golf etc etc etc - the high ropes course is really only a very small part of it.

The rope course itself is situated to one side of the lake and comprises of 2 levels:

1. A junior course for little un's (1.1m - 1.4m tall).

2. The main adventure course which has 2 levels, the first runs about 4m off the ground with a higher (up to 14m) level for the real dare-devils - guess which one Katie wanted to to.

High Ropes Adventure Course

If you've never seen one of these high ropes courses before they look like an air bourne version of the krypton factor. The course consists of a series of rope challenges,  from making your way across rope nets to jumping between suspended planks on wood, from climbing over things and around things to generally being a human monkey.

You're safely harnessed and roped up at all times as you move from obstacle to obstacle, and should you get stuck there are assistants scampering around the course who will come and help - though the fact that they manage to look graceful and composed whilst you're hanging in mid air in an uncoordinated fashion may not endear them to you.

Once you've made it safely round the first level you have the option to either bow out gracefully at that point - and by bow out I mean jump off a 14m platform attached to a rope - or the real daredevils can go to the upper levels and make their way round an course that from the ground, looks like it's in touching distance of the sky.

High Ropes Adventure Course - On the Ground

If you're not doing the rope course but are watching (I was babysitting) the ground level is well thought out.

The whole area of the course complex is fenced off, so kids can run around without escaping, and there are picnic tables under the course where you can sit and watch a succession of people succeed (or otherwise) at each obstacle as they make their way round. If the sun's out it's a very pleasant way to spend a few hours, otherwise it's only a few minutes walk to the cafe and a hot cup of coffee.

Other Things to Do at Willen Lake

There are a couple of great playgrounds at the park, one for youngsters and one for slightly older kids, and they're full of climbing frames, balance toys and other unusual playground equipment.

There's a crazy golf course, a miniature train, lots of water sports plus that eternal favourite activity - feeding the ducks.

The cafe and restaurant do reasonably good, reasonably cheap food and there plenty of grass for picnicking on (mind the wasps in summer though).

Car parking is cheap and plentyful so all in all it makes a great day out.

There are also plenty of other places to go nearby including Gullivers Land, the Xscape centre and a bit further south down the M1 Mead Open Farm.


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