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Aikido: Blending Your Movements

Updated on February 28, 2010

 Blending your movements in a circular fashion is the way of preforming Aikido.  Everything is in a circular motion.  Also known as redirecting ones energy.  In doing this, your assailant is thrown off balance and can be redirected anywhere you wish them to go.  Aikido is not only redirecting, it involves strikes, kicks, blocks, and locks.  Right now we are focusing on redirecting. 

Imagine you are a tornado.  Your body is the eye and your arms are the extention of the twister.  The swirling part.  Any strike that comes at you, if you move like a tornado, it cannot reach the eye (your body).  You can use this to evade a strike, redirect it into a counter movement, or just throw your assailant away from you.  This is considered non-violent martial arts.  Protecting yourself and the person that attacks you.  No one gets hurt if you don't want them too.

It is my opinion that everyone that is a peaceful person should learn this art for protection.  Even if you aren't a peaceful person, learn it and you will be.


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