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AimPoint & Secrets of The Fall Line Comparing Two Green Reading Strategies

Updated on June 3, 2016

In this article we compare three of the theories comprising each strategy - the fall line, speed and aim. Within these comparisons, you’ll see where Mark Sweeney and C.J. Decker apply math to their strategies and where each allow a certain margin of error, but neither are applied exactly the same way. The following descriptions will be explaining what each strategy does … not how it’s done. Think of this as hitting a demo vs. buying the driver.


The one thing Sweeney and Decker agree upon is first locating the fall line. It’s the starting point to reading greens. Everything feeds off that fall line.

AIMPOINT - In Mark Sweeney’s AimPoint system, the fall line is identified by the characteristics of the green. Primarily slope because golfers must feel where downhill meets uphill and allow for a two inch margin of error. It’s practical because Sweeney’s fall line actually fits within the diameter of the golf hole, thus a two inch wide fall line is only limited by the width of the golf hole, 4.25 inches.

SECRETS OF THE FALL LINE - C.J. Decker’s Secrets of The Fall Line proves you can use your eyes to find the fall line. If there is a hidden contour, he looks right over it. His system uses the characteristics of the golf hole, which allows Decker to use math to find his fall line. The math he uses can be applied by what he calls visual aides. By knowing precisely what to look for, anyone can find, prove and see the fall line to as close to zero degrees as possible.


Speed is the greatest single variable in putting which differentiates one player from another.

AIMPOINT - It’s here that Mark Sweeney has calculated a detail specific putting trajectory. It is precisely because of the details of his putting trajectory that speed becomes a vital component. Within Sweeney’s strategy, the player must adapt to a speed conducive to AimPoint’s calculations. Apply the correct speed and AimPoint is one of the most accurate green reading strategies ever compiled.

SECRETS OF THE FALL LINE - Here, Decker allows the player to choose their own speed. Charge of lag your putt, both work. Secrets of The Fall Line works with the comfort zone of a players speed. It’s also why his members are allowed a choice of putting trajectories, which takes nothing away from the effectiveness of his strategy. Speed is also a huge reason his members are all self-taught.


Simplified, every player must decide where to aim. Both, Mark Sweeney and C.J. Decker, have developed effective strategies, though at completely different ends of the spectrum.

AIMPOINT - Exactly … thus the name. Mark Sweeney has mathematically devised a system of green reading that culminates in high pointing the apex of any putting trajectory. His strategy implements the use of the player’s fingers to accurately locate a putting trajectory’s aim point. By using his technique, even the average player can identify the proper aim point thus fine tuning the player’s alignment.

SECRETS OF THE FALL LINE - In C.J. Decker’s strategy, he explains how dynamics is the limitation of a players speed as their putting trajectory targets the golf hole. In other words, his members have a choice of putting trajectories from which a target is determined at the golf hole. That may seem improbable to some, but Decker not only details specifically how to target the golf hole, but precisely where.


Both systems work.


AimPoint - Feeling for the Fall Line

Secrets of The Fall Line - Visual Aides find, prove and see the Fall Line


AimPoint - One Speed

Secrets of The Fall Line - Charge or Lag


AimPoint - High Pointing the Apex of each Putting Trajectory

Secrets of The Fall Line - One Target, Multiple Putting Trajectories & Dynamics


There is more than one way to play this great game and anyone whose watched Tiger Woods in his prime saw him aggressively charge his putts. Winning fourteen majors more than proves there is more than one speed that works when reading greens. In that light, every player has a choice. Both, AimPoint and Secrets of The Fall Line, allow for a certain margin of error within their given strategies, the fall line for Sweeney and putting trajectories for Decker. At the same time, each imparts precise, unvarying, details as to other segments of their systems, the putting trajectory for Sweeney and the fall line for Decker. They also utilize mathematics, albeit, to completely different aspects of their strategies. Also, Sweeney’s strategy stresses one speed, while Decker’s strategy allows the player a choice, to charge or lag their putts. In fact, there is a simple analogy that applies here and that is whether you choose to add or multiply. We all know 2 plus 2 equals 4, however, 2 times 2 also equals 4. Neither is the same and both are correct. So, whether your objective is high pointing a putting trajectory (AimPoint) or a targeting the golf hole (Secrets of The Fall Line), neither is wrong and both are welcomed additions to the world of golf.


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