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Air Hockey Pucks – Find the Replacement Pucks for your table

Updated on March 6, 2010

Air hockey is a tremendously fun game, whether you’re challenging your friends in your basement/game room or you’re playing down at the arcade.  The air hockey game develops terrific eye-hand coordination, and forces you to make quick decisions which increases your ability to think on your feet.  That’s why it sucks when you lose your air hockey pucks.  If you need to find replacement air hockey pucks there are a few things you’ll need to know to find the right ones for you.  Even if you didn’t misplace them, it can be fun to add a new type of puck to change up the game and give some variety to your type of play.  Either way we’ll get you set up to find the right pucks for you.

Air hockey pucks are all made from a hard polycarbonate material called lexan.  This is a type of plexiglass that will endure the repeated slamming and bashing that occurs when playing an air hockey game.  It’s important to only play with real air hockey pucks and not use any substitute, even if it looks like it would work.  The substitute material probably wasn’t designed to withstand the beating and could shatter and cause damage to you, your friends or your table.  Besides air hockey pucks are cheap.

There are basically two types of air hockey pucks: commercial grade pucks and standard pucks.  The standard pucks are lighter ranging from 6 to 20 grams in weight.  They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and have a variety of colors.  If you’re looking to try something  different out with your air hockey table, you should try getting a fluorescent air hockey puck and play under a blacklight.  This is often done in arcades and really ads a new element to the game.  If you don’t necessarily want a blacklight puck there are many different colors available across the net.  What’s really cool and something that ads a completely different element to the style of play are the different shaped air hockey pucks.  The traditional puck is a circle and pretty much uses simple geometry to bounce around the table.  This makes play fast paced but also predictable.  With a different shape the puck bounces at different angles making the game a lot more challenging and exciting.  There are all sorts of shapes including: triangular, square and octagonal air hockey pucks.  They are generally the same price as regular pucks.

If you’re lucky enough to play on a professional air hockey table you’ll need to get a commercial grade puck.  These pucks are heavier and won’t blow away on the professional tables stronger blowers.  The same types of air hockey pucks are available for commercial tables and only cost a couple of dollars more. 

A great way to try out different air hockey pucks is to get a sampler pack.  There are deals all over the web that will combine the different styles of air hockey pucks (triangular, octagonal, etc) into one package and you can get these at a discount.  My suggestion is to look as some of the advertised offers on the internet.  Amazon often will have the lowest prices because they deal in volume but you never know what kind of sale you’ll find.

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    • profile image

      Tabitha Oscorp 7 years ago

      Those air hockey pucks look awesome! I didn't know they made ones like that. My question is will they jam normal air hockey machines?