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Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant: A Mythical One on One Game

Updated on April 29, 2017

Legends of The Game

Kobe Bryant is a basketball legend who has won Five NBA Championships with the L.A. Lakers.
Kobe Bryant is a basketball legend who has won Five NBA Championships with the L.A. Lakers. | Source
Air Jordan has won six NBA Titles with the Chicago Bulls.
Air Jordan has won six NBA Titles with the Chicago Bulls. | Source
Air Jordan going one on one with Kobe Bryant.
Air Jordan going one on one with Kobe Bryant. | Source
Kobe Bryant has a great inside gam that features speed and great movement.
Kobe Bryant has a great inside gam that features speed and great movement. | Source
Michael Jordan glides through the lane against the New York Knicks.
Michael Jordan glides through the lane against the New York Knicks. | Source

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On on One on the Court

Who would win in a one on one basketball game between Jordan and Kobe? Both players have excellent defense and offense. This is of course, would only be a hypothetical game. Truly based on my opinion of how I think the game might turn out.

Kobe and MIchael in a game of 24, make 'em, take 'em. Jordan gets the ball first and slashes past Kobe with a spin and dunks on Kobe for two points. Jordan then gets the ball checked to him and takes a quick jumper and nails it for two more points. Once again, Jordan gets the basketball back and tries to spin past Bryant again but, this time Kobe steals the ball and takes a quick jumper stripping the net.

Kobe gets the basketball checked and comes to Jordan for a lay up. Of course he makes it. The score is now tied at four a piece.

Bryant now checks in the basketball and takes a jumper only to have it blocked by Jordan but, Kobe maintains possession and shoots a fade away jumper sinking it! Now the score is 6-4 in favor of Kobe. Kobe has the ball again and dribbles back and forth trying to figure his opponent out. He rushes the paint for a dunk but, abruptly pulls up shoots. He misses the easy bucket and Jordan retrieves the ball and takes it back to the three point area.

Bryant does not pursue so Jordan takes the shot and hits the three. Now the score is 7-6 in favor of Jordan. Now Michael Jordan gets the ball and goes for a lay up but, this time Kobe stuffs it, grabs the ball and returns to the free throw line. Kobe shoots a fade away shot that rolls around the rim and it goes in.

Bryant gets the ball again and spins past Jordan but, Jordan steals the ball from behind him turns and slams it hard. In your face Kobe. The score is now 9-8 in favor of Michael.

Jordan goes in for a high flying dunk but, he and Bryant collide and he misses the shot. Something that rarely happens. Jordan gets the basketball and goes to the side, takes a jumper but, Bryant is in his face and it bounces off the rim. Kobe gets the ball and takes a fade away jumper and sinks it. Now your fantasy score is in favor of Kobe at 10-9. Kobe seems to be in stride now and shoots a shot from the free throw line and hits it just as Jordan makes a wide swing in an effort to block the shot. Kobe checks in the ball and fakes taking a shot and instead slides past Jordan and slams it hard with both hands. Kobe has the upper hand with the score reading 13-10. Bryant now gets the ball and sinks a quick three before Jordan has a chance to realize it. Bryant shoots another jumper in the paint but, Jordan partially blocks it! Jordan resets and goes in for a dunk but, Bryant tips it and it misses. Bryant has the ball and goes for a left handed dunk that throws Jordan off and he scores. Now our fantasy score is 18-10 in favor of Bryant.

Jordan feels the pressure and thrives on it. Bryant is being checked hard now by Jordan and he misses his jumper from the free throw line. Jordan begins to find his niche by shooting fade away jump shots. Jordan hits a quick fade away for two. When he gets the ball again, he goes for a lay up and misses but, recovers his own rebound. This time when Jordan goes in, he stops short and sinks another fade away as Kobe misses wildly while trying to block it. The score now reads 14-18 in favor of Kobe. Jordan goes in for the kill and just as he is about to dunk it Kobe snags it away and slams a jam home with his right hand. The score is now 20-14 with Bryant in the lead. Kobe thinks he has the win within his grasp and leaps in the air for a jump shot in the paint but, Jordan is in his face now and he misses his shot. Jordan gets the ball and lands a left handed dunk to bring the tally to 20-16.

Jordan is dribbling fast now Kobe tries in vain to steal the ball. Jordan takes another jump shot and misses. Kobe gets the ball and shoots his own jumper only to miss his shot too.

Jordan remembers that Bryant checks him well with his jump shots so, he reverts back to the fade away which Bryant can not seem to stop. Jordan jumps, fades backwards and sinks a huge shot while falling and sliding on the floor.

The score is edging closer at 20-18 Kobe, Jordan tries another fade away but, Bryant attacked him on defense this time. Jordan misses it but, once again got his own rebound. Jordan this time goes to the side and spins by Kobe, goes up to dunk and changes hands with the ball in mid air and dunks it left handed as Kobe swipes at his right hand. This is the one cool move by Air Jordan. The score is now 20-20. Jordan was falling behind but, he is now pulling out all the stops. Jordan goes for a fast, hard dunk but, Kobe rejects it. Jordan gets the ball and shoots a quick two pointer from the free throw line to take the lead at 22-20. Jordan gets the ball and goes for the win with a quick fade away and nails it home to pull out a close 24-20 victory over Bryant.

The feeling that I would like to come across here is that although the game would be close if they played in their primes, Jordan would win based on defense and his famous fade away jump shots which would be hard for Kobe to overcome. Once again, this is my opinion of how the game would go between these two. I am sure that plenty of people would see it differently but, it's still fun to imagine a fantasy game between these two great players.

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Michael Jordan's Top Stats

Six Time NBA Champion
Five MVP Awards
Ten Time Scoring Champion
2X Olympic Gold Medalist
Six Finals MVP Awards
Three Time Steals Leader
Rookie of The Year

Michael Jordan's Career Highlights

1. Six time NBA Champion

2. Six time NBA Finals MVP

3. Five times Most Valuable Player

4. Rookie of the Year-1985

5. Defensive Player of the Year-1988

6. Fourteen time NBA All-Star

7. Ten time Scoring Champion

8. Three time Steals Champion

9. Chicago Bulls all time leading scorer

10. Two time Slam Dunk Champion

What a career for this amazing player!!

Kobe Bryant's Career Highlights

1. Five time NBA Champion

2. NBA Most Valuable Player

3. Two time NBA Finals MVP

4. Fifteen time NBA All-Star Game MVP

5. Two time NBA Scoring Champion

6. Two time NBA Scoring Champion

7. Eleven time All-NBA First Team

Amazing stats for an amazing player!!

Michael Jordan Highlights

Kobe Bryant Highlights

Birthplace of Michael Jordan

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    • Anthony Binks profile image

      Anthony Binks 4 years ago from Northern Ireland

      Well no one is ever going to replace Michael Jordan, it just couldn't be possible, the man is a complete legend for what he did for basketball but saying that Kobe Bryant is definitely up there with him in terms of skill, speed, jump and dunk. A few guys thought they would be the next Jordan, Shaq springs to mind but he just couldn't get to Jordans level. Kobe is without a doubt the best basketball player in the world right now and the way he is going he will emulate Jordan with medals and honours.