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Alabama Crimson Tide vs LSU 2011 who won and why

Updated on November 9, 2011
Alabama will be the NCAA National Champions again in 2011
Alabama will be the NCAA National Champions again in 2011 | Source

There is a big NCAA college football game coming up on Nov 5th 2011.

#1 LSU Tigers vs #2 Alabama Crimson Tide.

I think whoever wins this game will be the BCS National Champions.

I also think it will be The Alabama Crimson Tide who will beat LSU and go on and win the NCAA National Championship.

Here is why:

  • They have better talent overall
  • They can run it or throw it (NFL style)
  • They have the #1 defense in all of NCAA football
  • They also have a better coach
  • They have a NFL defense
  • They have the best running backs in the country

Alabama's coach Nick Saban is smart to say the least, he is the only coach in all of NCAA college football to have won a National Championship with (2) two different teams.

  • He won it with LSU in 2003
  • He won it with Alabama in 2009

I think AJ McCarron is playing extremely well right now and I look for coach Saban to open up the offense with long down the field passes and a running attack against LSU.

Alabama will play ball controll offense and let their defense force LSU quarterback Jordon Jefferson to make some bad decisions and pick up some points from their defense,even though LSU has a solid defense nobody has stopped Alabama's running game this year and I don't think LSU can.

I look for LSU's defensive star Tyrone Mathieu (AKA The Honeybadger) to try to make some plays against bama's recievers but he can't do it all by himself and the way AJ McCarron is throwing the football,I really believe that this could be a blowout,Alabama is that good.

Nick Saban has not shown eveything that Alabama can do this year ,he prefers to do just enough to win, but you can look for Alabama to play their best in the LSU game.

I know LSU will come to play but it is hard to beat Alabama when they have possibly the best team ever on the field right now.

I look forward to reading all your comments and your predictions on who is gonna win this game,please vote in the poll above.

Update 11/9/2011

While it was not the game of the century LSU did beat Alabama in overtime the final score was LSU 9 Alabama 6.

Alabama fell to #2 in the BCS poll and may have a chance to play LSU again if Oklahoma State and Stanford lose, which I think is unlikely to happen.

Alabama should have won the game

Alabama should have won the game but missed 4 fieldgoals and turned the ball over at the 2 yrd line when a pass was simply taken away from the Alabama reciever, it was ruled a interception on the field and I think that was why it didn't get overturned, I don't like that rule simply because if they make a mistake on the field it has to be undisputable evidence to overturn it which rarely ever happens.

Another mistake I think Alabama made was when they stopped LSU and forced the punt, they didn't try to score with 55 seconds left in the game, they just played for overtime,which I think was a big coaching mistake

It just seemed to me that LSU wanted to win more than Alabama did.

Lets face the facts though if you are going to be a National Champion type team you need to be able to make a fieldgoal.

Kudos to the LSU tigers for beating Alabama I hope they go all the way and win the BCS National Championship since it is unlikely Alabama will have a chance to this year.

Anyway that's my 2 cents on the game, I look forward to reading any comments you may have.


Who is gonna win?

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  • Faith Reaper profile image

    Faith Reaper 5 years ago from southern USA

    Alabama - WHOOOO HOOOO ROLL TIDE ROLL!!! Great hub. Voted Up In His Love, Faith Reaper

  • manthy profile image

    Mark 6 years ago from Alabama,USA

    Well I guess I was bad wrong Congrats to LSU - I hope they win it all and I mean that sincerly I am not a sore loser

  • manthy profile image

    Mark 6 years ago from Alabama,USA

    @Nicomp - it isn't a good idea to go against Saban he usually wins...but thanks for stopping by

    @Thelyricwriter - BAMA will win by over 2 touchdowns - they are that good this year, I like WV too

  • thelyricwriter profile image

    Richard Ricky Hale 6 years ago from West Virginia

    This is what it is all about. I am a WVU fan and I hate LSU. They kicked our tails. So, I hope Alabama steamrolls them. From my sports view, I know it won't be easy. These teams always combine close to 50 points together. I believe they will go over that this year. Even so, Alabama wins.

    Alabama 27 LSU 23

  • nicomp profile image

    nicomp really 6 years ago from Ohio, USA

    I guess I'm favoring LSU mostly because I'm rooting against Saban.

  • manthy profile image

    Mark 6 years ago from Alabama,USA

    @Donna - Interesting indeed, it is the biggest game of the year so far, I bet whoever wins that game will be the BCS national champs... Thanks for the vote I will return the fabor.


  • DonnaCosmato profile image

    Donna Cosmato 6 years ago from USA

    Interesting and useful! Voted up.