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Alexa Bliss: A Goddess Who Overcame The Odds

Updated on August 14, 2019
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Former Los Angeles Lakers beat writer, future screenwriter, and currently enjoy writing about the amazing superstars & legends of the WWE!

Normally, whenever you hear that someone who's 5-foot-1 is looking to become one of the biggest names in the WWE, you chuckle at the idea with an eyebrow raised up like you're The Rock. However, over the past few years, Alexa Bliss has proven to the entire wrestling world time and time again that her size certainly doesn't matter.

When Bliss first came into the WWE in 2016, nobody knew what kind of impact she would actually make. As primarily being a valet in NXT, fans were wondering how Bliss would be perceived on the main roster and if she would be competition for any of the women in WWE. Nearly 5 months later, Little Miss Bliss would stomp on all those doubts and defeat Becky Lynch at TLC to become the SmackDown Live Women's Champion. Not bad for being 5-foot-1, huh?

About a month later, Bliss would defend her newly won title against the woman (Well, The Man) she took it from in a steel cage match on SmackDown Live. With help from "La Luchadora", The Goddess would retain her title in conniving fashion. The masked woman turned out to become one of Alexa's closest confidants she's ever had in WWE, the one and only, Mickie James.

The fact that a bonafide Hall of Famer was now on her side, Alexa Bliss' stock rose even higher and it truly solidified her validity as a champion in WWE.

Former Friends Become Rivals

After unfortunately losing the title to Naomi on two separate occasions, it was time for The Goddess to move on. She headed over to Raw in the Superstar Shake-up and confronted the Raw Women's Champion, Bayley. Less than 3 weeks later, Alexa Bliss made history as she became the first woman in WWE to capture both the Raw AND SmackDown Live women's titles. It was at this very moment that the WWE Universe totally understood the value of Alexa Bliss and how much WWE management was truly behind her.

After coming out of her rivalry with Sasha Banks as the champion, Alexa needed a new running mate to feud against. While The Goddess was insulting everyone inside the ring on Raw after a successful title defense at No Mercy, her former partner in crime, Mickie James, made her way down the aisle.

In one of the most entertaining segments I've seen ever the women involved in, the WWE Universe saw the best heel version of Alexa Bliss come to life. She belittled the fans in attendance, she downgraded every woman on the roster, and disrespected the future Hall of Famer right to her face. You could just feel the energy coming from the audience that night as they knew the two women in the ring were in the midst of starting something special together.

The rivalry with Mickie was when I truly started to believe that Alexa was one of the best talkers in all of WWE. The way she degraded Mickie with "senior citizen accessories" which infuriated her former ally and confidant, made her the most credible heel persona one could ever imagine her being since being called up to the main roster. Her antics against the beloved Mickie just made the fans so impatient to see Alexa finally "get her receipt".

However, when it was time for the talking and the jokes to end, "Biscuit Butt" defeated "The Old Lady", ending one of the best feuds in all of WWE at that time. It further cemented Alexa as the top female superstar on the roster and placed her on a whole different level in her career.

Alexa Bliss became the real deal, and people all around the world couldn't wait to see what she had up her sleeve next...

Bullying The Irresistible Force

A few months later and still the reigning Raw Women's Champion, Alexa started a new rivalry with another former friend, Nia Jax. This feud wasn't your ordinary WWE feud. The subject that surrounded this entire program was something that both individuals had personally dealt with in their pasts, and that's bullying.

I wrote an entire article about this story entitled: "Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss - How Bullying Led To Triumph" that you can find by clicking on my profile.

The simple fact that Alexa and Nia were absolutely flawless with both of their roles, considering what they've gone through in their lives, made me respect them even more than I did prior. Alexa portrayed the perfect role of the bully and did such an incredible job establishing the emotions needed to be felt by the audience towards Nia. That alone reminded me of just how special Alexa Bliss was as a performer.

The two former best friends (who were actually still best friends in real life) took this roller coaster ride of a story and made magic happen at the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania. The glory and triumph felt by every single person in the arena and everyone watching at home as Nia held that championship over her head was the perfect ending to their dramatic saga. Bullies NEVER win in the end. Bottom line, plain and simple.

Although The Goddess wasn't the one to walk out of WrestleMania with the gold in tact, her role as the antagonist during this span of time let us all know how exceptional of a story-teller she truly is. My respect level for her ascended to a whole new level and at this point, Alexa Bliss became my favorite female superstar.

Alexa would eventually get her moment of revenge on Nia when she captured the Money in the Bank briefcase and cashed in that same night during Nia's match with Ronda Rousey. The level of excitement from the fans when Bliss won the Raw Women's Title once again was absolutely thundering. Unfortunately for The Goddess though, she ran into Rousey at SummerSlam and lost the title.

What was even more devastating for her was that during the rematch at Hell in a Cell, Alexa suffered a concussion. She would then suffer another...

It was completely heartbreaking to find out that Alexa was in line to face off against someone that she looked up to, someone that inspired her, and someone who people even compared her to when she first arrived onto the scene in WWE.

At the first ever all-women's PPV event called Evolution, it was scheduled to be Alexa Bliss vs. Trish Stratus...

While watching Alexa's 365 special on the WWE Network, you can just hear the sadness in her voice, knowing that she wouldn't be able to compete against her idol because of the head injuries she sustained. I know without a shadow of a doubt that Alexa would have kicked herself into the next gear, especially on the mic, heading into that dream match at Evolution with Trish.

However, Alexa had to move on and keep rehabilitating herself so she could get back into the squared circle. In the meantime, she was given the opportunity to host her own talk show each week on Raw called A Moment Of Bliss. She also then became the first woman to ever host WrestleMania by herself, even getting the opportunity to flex with "The Immortal" Hulk Hogan to kick off the show. I think it's pretty safe to say that Alexa certainly enjoyed her time off from the ring, knowing that she was still a major part of the company that she loved.

The Goddess Returns To The Ring

However, Alexa always had that itch to get back inside the squared circle and be The Goddess we all knew her as. When it was finally time for her to return to competition, she eventually made a NEW best friend. That friend's name was Nikki Cross.

For weeks upon weeks after aligning with one another, everyone accused Alexa of using Nikki for her own personal gain. The history of Little Miss Bliss would certainly trigger that in one's mind, but the genuine connection that has evolved before our very eyes between the two has been absolutely gratifying to witness.

At first glance, you would never, ever expect that the two would mesh well with one another. but look what's happened. Currently, they are the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions and have developed a chemistry that has been undeniably entertaining. I for one have been thoroughly enchanted by the pairing and look forward to seeing what this unorthodox tandem does next together!

The Real Alexa Bliss

Knowing the hardships and the obstacles that Alexa has gone through in her life, one can't help but to just root for her. Obviously she's considered a "bad guy" in today's WWE landscape, but when you start to understand who the person is behind the character, the amount of respect and admiration for them grows tremendously.

We all know the aspects of kayfabe nowadays and what it represents in the sport of professional wrestling. We understand the difference between what's real and what's not. After getting to know more about the life of Alexa Bliss, I've come to the realization that this woman is the personification of what a role model looks like in today's world. My respect for her after everything she's gone through in her life has skyrocketed to its highest point. She is The Goddess inside the ring AND outside of it as well.

Thank you, Alexa, for proving to the entire world just what an underdog does to get themselves over their obstacles in life. Despite everything you've gone through, you've now become one of the greatest female superstars that have ever laced the boots in only a few years in WWE. Your evil persona on the mic is a favorite thing of mine to watch and listen to each week---and there's not many at the moment that do it better!

Never forget that you're a role model and an inspiration to many young girls out there who are having self-image issues. Your story and path towards the WWE is the exact encouragement that some people out there look up to and aspire to have for themselves.

I really look forward to seeing how your already stellar career continues on in the WWE. Much love and respect to you always.

And this article has been your Moment of Bliss...

What has been YOUR favorite Moment of Bliss?

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