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All About Boxing

Updated on July 9, 2011


Boxing is one of the greatest passions for a lot of youngsters around the world. It has a very old origin, so, it is popular among the adult too. Women championships and boxers have also got world recognition. It has not only got global viewership, but also considered very useful in maintaining physical health and fitness.

Training and technique is a very essential part of this sport. It can be perfected through practice and stamina building exercises. Various workouts and balanced diet is very essential to remain fit and active, which is the prime demand of this game. Agility, strength, good ground work, flexible leg work and focused punching are the beauties of boxing.


Boxing has been around for many decades with different names and civilizations. It became a part of Olympics in 688 B.C for the first time. In 393 A.D, Olympics were banned during the Christian rule and also a ban was imposed on boxing in 500 A.D.

This sport became popular again In Italy in 12th and 17th centuries and later reappeared in England as a key sport. Till then, boxing was a bare knuckle fighting sport, with no predefined set of rules. It was in 1743 that Jack Broughton, a heavy weight champion, brought in some rules to protect the fighters from dyeing in the ring. A rule of 30 seconds count was bought as winning criteria, whereas, holding the opponent by waist was prohibited.

Prize ring rule in 1838 set criteria of 24 feet ring for the fight. It also included use of a muffler for punching, to avoid hurting of face, knuckle bones, and rulings on foul.

In 1867, 12 rules by the name of ‘Marques of Queensberry’ were further developed to bring more sophistication and dignity to this sport. These rules are applicable ever since with slight modifications.


The objective of this game is to knock out opponent by employing a fair fighting strategy rather than simple brutal force, under a set of rules and regulations.


Win Loose Criteria:

Time is a crucial factor in boxing. The winning criteria comprises of one of the three methods:

  • If opponent is knocked out before the referee’s count; Knock Out (K.O)

  • If the opponent is injured and cannot restart the next round; Technical Knock Out (T.K.O)

  • If the number of rounds to be played and won are predefined by the referee or the judges


  1. Hitting opponent with your head, shoulder, forearm or elbow

  2. Biting

  3. Hitting below the belt

  4. Holding

  5. Tripping

  6. Kicking

  7. Head butting

  8. Pushing

  • Fouls are treated with the deduction of points or disqualification

  • An injury results at the end of fight, if not the referee ask judges to deduct 2 points from the boxer who has done a foul

  • Recovery time of 5 minutes is given to the boxer, if there is a foul attempt

  • No slapping or hitting without a boxing glove is allowed

  • Punching an opponent while holding him or the ropes, to gain an advantage is considered illegal

  • Continuing to hit after referee declares a timeout is considered a frowned upon boxing

  • To avoid serious injury, the opponent should not be hit on the back of their heads or necks in any case

  • An opponent must not be hit after being knocked down on floor

  • The countdown for a knockout declaration is up to 10 seconds. The recovery time for opponent to return to the ring is, 20 seconds

Game Play:

The most popular forms are:

  • Amateur Boxing

  • Professional Boxing

Amateur Boxing

It has evolved on the basis of Olympics, as previously it was for prize winning only. The game is based on three rounds, each comprising of about 3 minutes, with a one min break in between. Head gears and gloves are compulsory equipment for the game.

The point system is involved for scoring. Conventionally, the judge used to manage point system, but recently, an automated scoring system for boxing has been employed to give unbiased and objective scoring. This system allocates points on the impact or force landing exactly on head or torso of the opponents. The referee can stop a match with any notification at any time of the game.

Professional Boxing

It is one of the most famous sports around the world. It involves ten to twelve rounds each comprising of three minutes. No headgears are permitted and the boxers have to be bare-chested unlike amateur boxing contests. The fight is intensive but a technical knockout win can be declared by the referee, the injured boxer or the corner, if the boxer has bruises and cuts, and is unable to proceed.


Boxing never was a life and death game in the ancient times. The boxer may have died competing with their opponent in Roman and Greek eras. Nowadays, gloves are the most necessary and significant equipment for boxers. These are the most useful weapons for offensive and defensive play during the game and give a civilized or modern touch to the game.

Boxing Gloves:


Initially the style for gloves utilized for boxing was long; extending to five inches up the arms, which covered fighter’s hands completely.


Leather is the main material used for boxing gloves having solid pieces that cover four fingers of the boxer's hand, protecting the thumb. Some gloves are hand-fit in one pouch for securing eye injuries.

Aside from the leather cover, the gloves are made up of padding material to absorb shock, protect the knuckles, as well as the faces of the boxers.


Boxing gloves have a weight range of 6 to 12 oz. The first modern boxing gloves weighed about eight ounces. Nowadays, boxing gloves used around the world, are increased in weight up to ten ounces, which ensures safety.


Main purpose of the gloves is the protection of fighters’ knuckles. To protect the knuckles as well as the opponent face. The extra padding will force boxers to use strategy instead of brutal force.

The initial technique was to attack the opponent with maximum power and energy through hands containing hard bones. These bones can damage soft tissues of the face.

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Clothing and Other Equipment:

Punching Bags: These are used for training purposes only. The tear-drop shaped speed bags are for reflex training, while the sand or water bags are for building punch strength.

Shirts: Shirts used by amateurs are mostly tank tops, whereas, in case of female amateur, sleeves are allowed. Professionals fight with their shirt off.

Shorts: Boxers wear shorts approved by the authorities that match color of their corners. The shorts can be bright or striped. They may also carry printed names of boxers, sponsors or the authorities. The style of short is as per boxer’s choice or comfort.

Footwear: Soft footwear’s are worn to reduce chances of injury in case of accidentally stepping over the opponent’s feet, during the fight.

Others:  The hand wraps, groin and mouth guards, waist belts, pads and different kinds of padding and protectors are used by the boxers according to rules and regulations to avoid injuries.


A session of boxing comprises of mostly 12 rounds for professionals, each round consisting of 3 minutes. There is a one minute break between each round for warm ups, advice and attention of the boxers. This time is spent in the specified corners of a ring, with coach, assistants and doctors.


The main official in boxing is the referee, who remains within the ring, where he judges and monitors each and every round. He ensures safety of the fight; count knock outs and declares fouls, if executed. Three judges are assigned place near the ring that allocate points and record them till the end of session.


Various international boxing events take place around the world, during different time periods of the years, under different boxing organizations. One of the main authorities which are responsible for organizing these events is called ‘World Boxing Association’ (WBA). It affiliates around 164 countries around the globe and about 10 federations. These associations are:

  • North American Boxing Federation

  • British Boxing Board of Control

  • European Boxing Union

  • South American Boxing Federation

  • Central American Federation

  • Asian Boxing Council

  • African Boxing Union

  • CIS & Slovenian Boxing Board

  • Caribbean Boxing union

  • Oriental & Pacific Boxing Federation

The WBA has been supporting unification of boxing associations of the world. The main championships of this organization are; The Diamond Championship belt and The Silver Championship belt, which was recently introduced. Boxing is a part of Olympics and has two categories; it is also a part of Common wealth games.


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