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All About Golf

Updated on October 24, 2010


Golf is a really interesting game, with lots of potential for those, who are attracted with games requiring patience more than passion, and prefer calm and quite games over those with energy and hype. Golf demands more, in terms of precision and accuracy. It requires a little more focus and adherence to the game rules as compared to other games.


The aim of golf is to get the ball into the predefined holes, with minimum number of swings or strokes. Each stroke is an attempt to advance the ball towards the holes, which are 18 in number. The score is given to the strokes taken during one round trip of golf.


The game starts when the ball is struck on the teeing box. Stroke play and Match play are the two important types of competitions played in golf. The stroke play is based on evaluating lowest number of strokes played to drive the ball into the hole, while the Match play is based on calculating lowest number of scores on maximum individual holes.


Each golf course consists of 9 to 18 unique holes, which have a cap where the balls end up. There are different levels of difficulty and distances for each hole.

The golf course is divided into Pars, depending upon the number of strokes one should avail to place the ball into the hole.


  • Short holes

  • One shot to get the ball on green

  • Two putts to strike the ball into the hole


  • Relatively longer holes

  • A long tee shot i.e. approach

  • Second shot to get the ball on green

  • Two putts to get the ball on green


  • Longest holes

  • First shot is long so a drive is taken with a driver

  • Second shot is taken with a 3-wood

  • Third short to get to the green

  • Two putts to strike the ball in hole


There are three types of hazards, which serve as an obstacle during the game:

  • A bunker is a groovy area near the green that is filled with sand. Fairway bunkers are near par 4 and 5, while greenside bunkers are near par 3.There are also dusty and muddy waste bunkers. Sand wedge is used to dig the ball from a bunker.

  • Water hazards consist of rivers or lakes, which serve as an obstacle for the golfers to cross. Two types of water hazards are: lateral water hazard; with red stakes around the measure of the water hazard and one with yellow stakes known simply as water hazards.

  • Natural hazards are dense forests or vegetations.


The game of golf consists of following equipment:

Golf Bags

The golf kits or golf bags are carried to field to keep this equipment available at all times. Golf bags are usually made up of nylon/leather.

Golf Carts are used to carry Golf bags during play.

Golf Clubs

Each golf club has a lance, which is on top and a club head, a club shaft and a club face on the bottom. The club head controls downward dimension of the stroke, the club shaft helps in maintaining plane of the golf stroke, while the club face is responsible for the direction of golf ball. The golf clubs are classified as:

The Woods are used for shots from distant “fairways.”

The Irons are used to take mid distance shots. Wedges are irons for shot strokes.

The Putters are used to strike balls into the hole.


A tee is a wooden or plastic object resembling nails that is fixed on the ground to rest a ball on top for a shot; for the first stroke (approach or drive) of each hole.

Length of tees (3-3.5") (1.5-2.5") alternately, the rules allow for a mound of sand to be used for the same function, also only on the first shot.

Golf Ball

Diameter: 42.67 mm.

Mass: 45.93 g.

Design: Two, three, or four-layer design with a surface pattern of 300-450 dimples designed to improve ball's aerodynamics, distance, trajectory, spin and feel.

Material: The golf ball is designed from various synthetic materials, Hard Surly; usually results in the ball's traveling longer distances, and Urethane; tend to generate softer touch, more "feel" and greater stopping potential.

Gloves and Shoes

Many golfers use gloves to avoid blistering or moister during the play. They also use some specific shoes to increase grip on ground or to balance body weight with ease.


Ball retrievers, rangefinders, stroke counters, positional guides, ball washers and special golf apparel.


The Rules of Golf are as follows:

  • The ball should come to rest before next stroke is played

  • A ball can be substituted, if the play is between two holes

  • No ball can be replaced during a play, unless, it is damaged, lost or allowed under some rules

  • No assistance of the player is allowed during play

  • The course conditions and the position of ball should not be changed during the play, unless, under some rules


Striking a wrong ball, removing a loose impediment, cancelation produced by equipment, a hit into a no playable area are common penalties.

When a ball is hit in water hazard, the player can play ball as it lies without grounding club in the hazard or take a substitute ball from the point, where they hit into the hazard.

When a ball is struck into a lateral hazard, the player may also drop the ball at about two club lengths, not closer to the hole, at a penalty of one stroke.

The player may also drop a ball, behind the water hazard, if a ball enters a water hazard on hitting, on a line of sight between the hole and where the ball last crossed the margin of the hazard (not closer to the hole), at a penalty of one stroke.


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    • sid_candid profile image


      8 years ago

      Nice hub with lots of useful information on Golf.


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