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All Suspended NFL Team?

Updated on September 8, 2014


Suspensions for violating the substance policies

Since August 12, 1989 until now

After Rodger Goodell became Commissioner in 2006, over 70 players have been suspended by the league for their use of performance-enhancing drugs, among other banned substances.

The NFL has two separate policies for substances that can lead to suspension. One policy concerns the use of banned drugs that are specifically indicated to improve athletic performance (PEDs). The other policy concerns "substances of abuse" and includes drugs that may not enhance performance, but are indulged in for recreational purposes.

Every year in training camp and all throughout the year the information about drug use and substances to stay away are explained over and over by ALL the teams and yet every year players think they can get around it.

This is to show you it’s not just one type of football player getting in trouble.

You could fill an entire team if you took a player from this list from 1989 to today.

This list doesn’t contain players suspended for other reasons like gambling, domestic abuse, ect…

Although it wouldn’t be hard to add.

Also included below are Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches and even a Owner.

Tim Couch

Quarterbacks suspended


2-Dec-99 4 games Jim Miller Chicago Bears

5-Oct-07 6 games Tim Couch Free agent

Jerome Felton


Aug-89 4 games Tony Burse Seattle Seahawks

Aug-89 4 games Sean Doctor Buffalo Bills

Jan-02 4 games Daimon Shelton Chicago Bears

Nov-04 4 games Andrew Pinnock San Diego Chargers

Sep-05 4 games Rick Razzano Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Aug-07 4 games Obafemi Ayanbadejo Chicago Bears

Dec-09 4 games Luke Lawton Oakland Raiders

Aug-13 3 games Jerome Felton Minnesota Vikings

Jordan Black

Offensive Guard/Tackle

1998 4 games Bob Sapp Minnesota Vikings

30-Aug-89 4 games Ron Solt Philadelphia Eagles

31-Jul-93 4 games Eric Moore New York Giants

13-Sep-97 4 games Scott Davis Atlanta Falcons

18-Nov-02 4 games DeMingo Graham Houston Texans

17-Oct-06 4 games Matt Lehr Atlanta Falcons

6-Dec-11 4 games John Moffitt Seattle Seahawks

22-May-13 1 game Rokevious Watkins St. Louis Rams

30-Aug-89 4 games Mike Ariey Green Bay Packers

30-Aug-89 4 games Keith Uecker Bay Packers

13-Aug-90 5 games Louis CheekL Dallas Cowboys

13-Aug-90 3 games John Brandom Phoenix Cardinals

3-Sep-05 4 games John Welbourn Kansas City Chiefs

22-Aug-14 4 games Donald Stephenson Kansas City Chiefs

23-Oct-95 Life Bernard Williams Philadelphia Eagles

1-Sep-98 4 games Paul Wiggins Pittsburgh Steelers

3-Aug-07 4 games Ryan Tucker Cleveland Browns

19-Aug-08 4 games Luke Petitgout Tampa Bay Buccaneers

4-Dec-11 4 games Trent Williams Washington Redskins

23-May-12 4 games Allen Barbre Seattle Seahawks

17-Dec-12 4 games Jordan Black Washington Redskins

1-Aug-13 4 games DeMarcus Love Minnesota Vikings

3-Jul-14 4 games Rokevious Watkins Kansas City Chiefs

23-Jul-14 4 games Lane Johnson Philadelphia Eagles

12-Aug-89 4 games Tony Burse Seattle Seahawks

30-Aug-89 4 games Sean Doctor Buffalo Bills

8-Jan-02 4 games Daimon Shelton Chicago Bears

9-Nov-04 4 games Andrew Pinnock San Diego Chargers

16-Sep-05 4 games Rick Razzano Tampa Bay Buccaneers

9-Aug-07 4 games Obafemi Ayanbadejo Chicago Bears

24-Dec-09 4 games Luke Lawton Oakland Raiders

Sammy Morris

Running Backs

Aug-89 4 games Vince Amoia New York Jets

Aug-89 4 games Keith Henderson San Francisco 49ers

Oct-99 4 games Travis Jervey San Francisco 49ers

Mar-02 4 games Mike Cloud Free agent

Sep-06 4 games Sammy Morris Miami Dolphins

Nov-07 4 games Chris Henry Tennessee Titans

Aug-08 4 games Jesse Chatman New York Jets

Jul-10 4 games LenDale White Seattle Seahawks

Jun-12 2 games Mikel Leshoure Detroit Lions

Nov-12 4 games Brandon Bolden New England Patriots

May-13 1 game Isaiah Pead St. Louis Rams

Aug-13 4 games Mike Goodson New York Jets

Sep-14 8 games Andre Brown Free agent

Frank Wycheck

Tight Ends

Aug-89 4 games Orson Mobley Denver Broncos

Aug-89 4 games Vernon Kirk Los Angeles Rams

Nov-94 6 games Frank Wycheck Washington Redskins

Jul-03 4 games Byron Chamberlain Minnesota Vikings

Sep-10 4 games Shawn Nelson Buffalo Bills

Dec-11 4 games Fred Davis Washington Redskins

Feb-12 4 games Weslye Saunders Indianapolis Colts

Jul-12 4 games Brody Eldridge St. Louis Rams

Jun-13 4 games Gabe Miller Chicago Bears

Jul-13 8 games Weslye Saunders Indianapolis Colts

Oct-13 4 games Kellen Winslow II New York Jets

Feb-14 Indefinite Fred Davis Washington Redskins

Justin Blackmon

Wide Receivers

Aug-89 4 games Bobby Riley New York Jets

Sep-04 4 games Adrian Madise Denver Broncos

Dec-04 4 games David Boston Miami Dolphins

Oct-08 3 games Matt Jones Jacksonville Jaguars

Nov-09 4 games Dwayne Bowe Kansas City Chiefs

Apr-10 4 games Santonio Holmes New York Jets

Sep-11 1 game David Reed Baltimore Ravens

Apr-13 4 games Justin Blackmon Jacksonville Jaguars

Jun-13 2 games Josh Gordon Cleveland Browns

Jun-13 4 games LaVon Brazill Indianapolis Colts

Jun-13 4 games Brandon Collins New York Giants

Jul-13 4 games Andre Holmes Oakland Raiders

Nov-13 Indefinite Justin Blackmon Jacksonville Jaguars

Apr-14 4 games Brian Tyms Free agent

May-14 4 games Stedman Bailey St. Louis Rams

Jul-14 2014 season LaVon Brazill Indianapolis Colts

Aug-14 1 game Dwayne Bowe Kansas City Chiefs

Aug-14 2014 season Josh Gordon Cleveland Browns

Sep-14 4 games Wes Welker Denver Broncos

Julius Peppers

Defensive End / Tackle

Aug-89 4 games Mark Mraz Los Angeles Raiders

Jun-00 2000 season Josh Evans Tennessee Titans

Oct-01 4 games Henry Taylor Chicago Bears

Nov-02 4 games Brentson Buckner Carolina Panthers

Dec-02 4 games Julius Peppers Carolina Panthers

Oct-06 4 games Shaun Rogers Detroit Lions

Dec-06 4 games Hollis Thomas New Orleans Saints

Jul-07 4 games Kenny Peterson Denver Broncos

Oct-07 6 games Kenard Lang Free agent

Nov-07 4 games Marcus Stroud Jacksonville Jaguars

Dec-07 4 games Ray Edwards Minnesota Vikings

Sep-11 2 games Kevin Williams Minnesota Vikings

Sep-11 2 games Will Smith New Orleans Saints

Jul-12 1 game Nate Collins Chicago Bears

Nov-12 4 games Jermaine Cunningham New England Patriots

May-13 4 games Bruce Irvin Seattle Seahawks

Jul-13 4 games Jarvis Jenkins Washington Redskins

Aug-13 8 games DeQuin Evans Cincinnati Bengals

Apr-14 4 games Brandon Moore Washington Redskins

May-14 4 games Frank Alexander Carolina Panthers

Jul-14 4 games Dion Jordan Miami Dolphins

Jul-14 4 games Spencer Nealy Minnesota Vikings

Joel Steed

Nose Tackle

Aug-89 4 games Rollin Putzier San Francisco 49ers

Oct-95 4 games Joel Steed Pittsburgh Steelers

Nov-99 4 games Jason Ferguson New York Jets

Robert Mathis


Aug-89 4 games Matt Jaworski Buffalo Bills

Aug-89 4 games Tom Doctor Buffalo Bills

Aug-97 4 games Artie Ulmer Minnesota Vikings

Dec-98 4 games Jude Waddy Green Bay Packers

Sep-02 4 games T. J. Slaughter Jacksonville Jaguars

Nov-02 4 games Lewis Bush Kansas City Chiefs

Jul-03 4 games Lee Flowers Denver Broncos

Aug-03 4 games Keith Newman Atlanta Falcons

Sep-03 4 games Scott Shanle St. Louis Rams

Oct-06 4 games Shawne Merriman San Diego Chargers

Apr-08 4 games Stephen Cooper San Diego Chargers

Jun-08 Life Odell Thurman Free agent

May-10 4 games Brian Cushing Houston Texans

Jun-10 4 games Gerald McRath Tennessee Titans

Jul-10 1 game Leroy Hill Seattle Seahawks

Aug-12 1 game Tamba Hali Kansas City Chiefs

Sep-12 3 games Clark Haggans San Francisco 49ers

Mar-13 4 games Rob Jackson Washington Redskins

Apr-13 4 games Daryl Washington Arizona Cardinals

Aug-13 4 games Jo-Lonn Dunbar St. Louis Rams

Aug-13 6 games Von Miller Denver Broncos

Nov-13 4 games LaRoy Reynolds Jacksonville Jaguars

Apr-14 4 games Jake Knott Philadelphia Eagles

May-14 4 games Robert Mathis Indianapolis Colts

May-14 2014 season Daryl Washington Arizona Cardinals

Jul-14 1 game Nigel Bradham Buffalo Bills

Aug-14 9 games Aldon Smith San Francisco 49ers

Sep-14 4 games Erin Henderson Free agent

Orlando Scandrick


Aug-89 4 games Leroy Irvin Los Angeles Rams

Aug-89 4 games Maurice Douglass Chicago Bears

Aug-97 4 games Matt Stevens Philadelphia Eagles

Nov-01 4 games Shawn Springs Seattle Seahawks

Sep-03 4 games Ray Buchanan Atlanta Falcons

Nov-09 4 games Joselio Hanson Philadelphia Eagles

Jul-10 2 games Cary Williams Baltimore Ravens

Aug-11 4 games Phillip Buchanon Washington Redskins

Sep-12 4 games Joe Haden Cleveland Browns

Oct-12 4 games Aqib Talib Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Oct-12 4 games Eric Wright Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Dec-12 4 games Cedric Griffin Washington Redskins

Dec-12 4 games Brandon Browner Seattle Seahawks

Aug-13 8 games Asa Jackson Baltimore Ravens

Sep-13 2 games Brandon McDonald Free agent

Nov-13 4 games Walter Thurmond Seattle Seahawks

Dec-13 4 games Brandon Browner Seattle Seahawks

Jun-14 4 games Jayron Hosley New York Giants

Jul-14 2 games Chris Lewis-Harris Cincinnati Bengals

Aug-14 4 games Orlando Scandrick Dallas Cowboys

Winston Guy


Jul-07 4 games Jarrod Cooper Oakland Raiders

Sep-07 4 games Rodney Harrison New England Patriots

Nov-12 4 games Winston Guy Seattle Seahawks

Sep-13 4 games Tom Zbikowski Free agent

May-14 6 games Will Hill New York Giants

Jul-14 Indefinite Tanard Jackson Washington Redskins

Aug-14 4 games Reshad Jones Miami Dolphins

Aug-14 4 games Jakar Hamilton Dallas Cowboys

Brett Hartmann


Jul-06 4 games Todd Sauerbrun Denver Broncos

Mar-12 3 games Brett Hartmann Houston Texans

Matt Prater

Chuck Fairbanks


May-05 1 game Chuck Fairbanks HC New England Patriots

Sep-07 5 games Wade Wilson QBC Dallas Cowboys

Aug-10 30 days Travis Jones DIC New Orleans Saints

Dec-10 Indefinite Sal Alosi HSC New York Jets

Sep-11 2 games Andy Moeller OLC Baltimore Ravens

Mar-12 Indefinite Gregg Williams DC New Orleans Saints

Entire 2012 season* Sean Payton HC New Orleans Saints

* 8 games Mickey Loomis GM New Orleans Saints

* 6 games Joe Vitt AHC New Orleans Saints

Jul-14 3 games Mike Priefer STC Minnesota Vikings

Coaches Key:

HC – Head Coach HSC- Health and Strengthening Coach GM- General Manager

QBC – Quarterback Coach OLC- Offensive Line Coach AHC-Assistant Head Coach

DIC- Defensive Line Coach DC- Defensive Coordinator STC- Special Teams Coach

NFL Owner

Sept-14 Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay

Jim Irsay


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