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Rosemount Minnesota disc golf course

Updated on March 14, 2015

New disc golf course

disc golfer at rosemount course
disc golfer at rosemount course

Rosemount disc course

The popularity of disc golf continues growing by leaps and bounds. This new disc golf course has recently opened in Rosemount MN. A playground and several picnic shelters have also been added. Rosemount is located North of I-90 in Southwestern Minnesota.

This is a short course with mowed fairways surrounded by knee high prairie grass. Dual tees on each hole makes the course playable by any level of player. The18 holes comes in at 4940 feet. Nicely manicured with rolling terrain and mature trees on what used to be the Brockway Glass employee golf course.

Review of Rosemount course by one of the players

Pros: A nicely laid out course on a small plot of Oak forest in a pretty quiet suburban addition. This disc golf course plays in and around the oaks using them and the smallish hills to provide the shape for the fairways. Each hole is marked and many have multiple (grass) tee pads. It plays in a sensible manner and flow is good. Holes have a wide variety of distances for such a small area. Baskets are in smart places generally, making you actually think about your lie before throwing.
I would call this a good advanced beginner course, a step above typical chip and putt courses. Fun to play and no lines.

Cons: As mentioned tee pads aren't in and signage is basic. The course favors lefties or right hand forehand throwers. This course really doesn't have many drawbacks. It plays well and is fun, isn't that what disc golf should be? Other Thoughts: It isn't always clear that there are different tee boxes for holes and we happened to play the shorts on a few holes the first time through by accident. Better signage would help that. It did, however, make for a nice 18 with the shorts.
Parking is easy to find, and hole 1 and 9 are near the parking lot.

All the reviews so far are mostly positive. If you're in the area and you get a chance, it looks like a course worth checking out.

Update on course reviews. Here is the link to Disc golf course review site that show all the reviews of the course and information about it.

From the shots in the video it looks like the course is fairly easy with mostly short holes. I have not played it yet but if I get in the Rosemount area, I will stop and give it a shot.

Directions to disc golf course

I-494; south on Hwy 3 (Robert Trail) 9 miles to a left at the light (Connemara Trail). Go 1 block to a left on Brockway Ave. then 1 block to left on Bronze Parkway. Go 1 block to small parking lot on left by tees 1 & 10.

13669 Bronze Parkway
Rosemount, MN 55068

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What is disc golf

Disc golf is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. The reason it is so fast growing is that it's is easy enough for anyone to play, from kids in the 7 and up ages, all the way to any age that you can still walk and move your arms. Disc golf is also popular because it is simple to play and easy enough for anyone to play, yet challenging enough to interest even accomplished player. If you want a great way to exercise and have never tried disc golf, you should give it a try, no matter your age.

Good video from Dave Feldberg


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