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Alonso: 'I tried to get out of the car to know my mother is still alive'

Updated on March 21, 2016

The accident occurred in Turn 3, round 18. The McLaren of Alonso Esteban Gutierrez entangled in the tail when the former champion Spaniard tried to pass riders Mexican Haas team. Alonso's car then lost control, hitting the wall turned out, rolling two rounds in the air and then fell to the ground with crumbled condition.

"I was lucky to remain here and be grateful for it. It was a scary moment, a dreadful accident, "Alonso said.

Since accelerated to pass, Alonso's car strong impact resistance and stayed very far away. Perhaps, he did not understand why I survived. At the time of the collision, the speed of the McLaren's Spanish racer at about 310 km / h.

"When the car stopped, I saw a little space to get out and I quickly come out to make sure I stay at home mom can see me on TV is fine," said 34 riders.

When accidents end, the initiative to embark Gutierrez Alonso. Both riders then be taken to the medical center and doctors assessed their health condition is stable. F1 security report found no fault of anyone.

"You may not realize where we're at. You're flying and you just see the sky, and the earth, then sky, then back to the ground and you do not know what will come, "Alonso described his reaction when his car was thrown out after the collision.


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