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Already a Loser in Super Bowl XLV

Updated on February 4, 2011

Weather punches Dallas in the mouth

 Super Bowl XLV won't be played until Sunday, but the city of Dallas (and the greater metroplex) is already the loser.  What should have been an economic boon to the area has become a bust, and the weather is to blame.  The "Storm of the Century" that affected 29 states brought ice and freezing temperatures to an area that had been enjoying 70 degree temps a couple of days before.

With icy sidewalks deterring foot traffic and road conditions discouraging drivers, many businesses have closed their doors.  The weather was supposed to get a little better before the majority of fans and spectators were expected to arrive, but more snow has fallen today and flights into DFW airport have been cancelled. 


So after that 1-2 punch, what next??

 Also today, 6 people were injured by ice and snow falling from Dallas Cowboys Stadium.  At least one is still in the hospital in serious condition.  Not only will Cowboys owner Jerry Jones probably be sued over this, who is really going to want to stand around waiting to get into the game with the possibility of a sort of avalanche literally hanging overhead??  I am interested to see if any kind of measure will be taken to try to ensure that everyone gets into the stadium safely. 

It seems as if the whole week is pretty much of a disaster for the city and for Jerry Jones.  Some are probably cursing fate and wondering why this is happening to them.  Could it be some karma coming back to Jones for his hubris in thinking that his Cowboys would be the first NFL team to play in the Super Bowl in their home stadium?  An awful lot has gone wrong for them since those expecations were voiced before the season began. 

Is there a lesson in this?  I hope the NFL is reconsidering the pool of Super Bowl sites for the future...


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    • sam3m profile image

      sam3m 6 years ago from New York

      being from a cold state, it might be wise for people in dallas to consult with colleagues in detroit, indie., etc. for suggestions re: handling ice, snow, and crowds.