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Altitude Tent For Sale

Updated on June 26, 2011

There's something to say about being on top of the world; to be above everything,standing, perhaps alone, perhaps not, on a world that is pristine, a world that is different, a world that, at times, feels like the real world. From snow covered peak to snow covered peak your iris expands, defracts; the light bends; you see shapes, you feel feelings; you're in awe.

For generations a vow from any serious hiker is to experience such a feeling, to climb to the highest peaks and look down - instead of always looking up. The best example is Mount Everest. Few people have climbed it successfully; it's one of the hardest hiking challenges in the world.

And why is it such a difficult journey. One word: altitude.

As you climb higher into the sky, as your altitude increases, you'll be entering a thinner atmosphere. What this ultimately means is that there are less air particles swirling around, which, in turn, means there is less oxygen. And, well, as you know, we need a lot of oxygen to survive.

But that's neither here nor there; you came here because you want to find a altitude tent for sale. Maybe you're looking for a hypoxic tent price or any kind of cat altitude tent; either way you're ready to go on an adventure - or at least are planning one - and ready to make the next step.

You've come to the right place. Here you'll find the best altitude tents for sale; here you'll be able to buy an altitude tent online; here you'll even find information on how to rent altitude tents.


Coleman Exponent Helios X3 Tent

One of the best altitude tents for sale, and my personal favorite, is the Coleman Exponent Helios tent.  The Helios tent is an altitude tent that has been tested in the most extreme conditions, something which is very important if you're serious about high altitude hiking. 

The Helios is an altitude tent for sale that was specifically designed for high altitude conditions; in fact it was tested on Mount Everest at a high altitude.  This gives it an advantage over other high altitude tents by being an already true and tested tent. 

With four well-suited tent poles that will stand up in even the windiest conditions, the poles are designed to bend and arc in the wind.  This kind of adaptive technology is great for high altitude hiking, as you'll be able to handle whatever nature throws at you. 


  • Four-season tent. 
  • Tested on Mt. Everest 
  • 70-denier nylon fly
  • PU Coatings for wind, snow and rain resistance. 
  • High-quality poles
  • Fits 3

High Camp Tent

The high camp tent is a tent that is a bit more pricey than the Coleman altitude tent, but is more specifically designed for those higher altitudes.

The High camp tent has been designed by one of the worlds best high altitude hikers Eric Simonson. Eric Simonson is the leader of the International Mountain Guides, and this makes this tent one of the best high altitudte tents to buy online.

It's been tested on all the major mountains - including Mt. Everest - making it an excellent choice for both beginner high altitude hikers and advanced hikers.


  • Fits 2
  • 2 Roof Vents
  • Four-seasons
  • Narrow and can fit in the tightest of places (great for high altitude)
  • Light


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