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Alton Towers Top Tips

Updated on October 5, 2009
Nemesis at Alton Towers
Nemesis at Alton Towers

The main white-knuckle rides can be very busy when Alton Towers opens first thing in the morning, so if you wait until later in the day to ride those, you might save yourself some queuing.

There's a lot to do at Alton Towers - probably more than you can fit into a single day - but you can get a two-day ticket for much less than the price of two one-day tickets - it's a bit of a bargain.

Big fan of Alton Towers? They do an Annual Pass which works out great value if you go more than three times a year. Having one is a great excuse to go more often!

You can cram more rides into your day by buying a Fastrack ticket - there are various different types that let you bypass the main queue at different rides.

If you're planning to spend more than one day at Alton Towers, or simply want to get an early start, there are two hotels on site: Splash Landings, and the Alton Towers Hotel.

Staying at one of that Alton Towers hotels usually means you can get onto the rides an hour before everyone else - but this varies during the year, so check before you book.

The Alton Towers Opening Times vary during the year with late night opening on some days, so make sure you check them before you go.

If you're much smaller than average (or much, err, larger) be aware that most rides have height restrictions, and some have girth restrictions too. Check the signs at each ride.

Alton Towers is so busy that it's easy to get separated from the kids. Why not go to Guest Services at the start of your day, and pick up one of the free ID wrist bands for the children.

Alton Towers have introduced Single Rider queues on some rides, which might save you some time if you don't mind not sitting with the rest of your group (or wouldn't be seen dead with them!).

If you download a map of Alton Towers from their website before you go, you can plan ahead and not waste valuable ride time figuring out where to go on the day.

The tropical Waterpark at Alton Towers isn't included within your ticket price - it's effectively a separate attraction - but it's well worth visiting.

Your Favourite Ride

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    • profile image

      Ana Purnell 6 years ago

      I had a great time at Altom Towers I LOVE IT!! Me and my family went on the 5 bests and other 2 more we really injoieded! I tthink the best of those 5 was Nemesis.

      I thik that after Nemesis i would classify Oblivion,Air, Th13teen and then Rita. I love the first 3 seconds in the beggining of Rita but then when you were on it your head would´nt stop banging... and when it was finishing it finished quit fast..

      But we all really injoided and we are really looking forward comming next summer!! Have a good Holidayy!

      Ana Purnell

    • profile image

      paulgc 8 years ago

      welcome to hubpages britfun. I like you first hub, very informative, i visit Drayton Manor alot myself as it is only twenties minutes from where i live. Keep the hubs coming and if you become a fan of me then i will become your fan too.