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Aluminum Bat Dangers

Updated on May 29, 2008

There is a move recently in some states, including New Jersey, to ban the use of aluminum bats in youth baseball leagues because they can be dangerous.

There have been incidents where Little League and other youth baseball league players have been killed or incapacitated by line drives that hit the children in the chest causing cardiac arrest. In at least one case, the parents are suing the company that made the aluminum bat and the store that sold it.

As a youth baseball coach I can understand why parents want to ban the aluminum bats. But is the only solution?

I believe that Little League and other youth baseball league officials can put pressure on the aluminum bat companies to deaden the bat and mimic the wooden bat's sweet spot. This woud be my youth baseball tip to parents.

You see, the problem with aluminum bats is most of the bat is a sweet spot. The companies even trumpet this aspect in their marketing campaigns. The bigger the sweet spot the more chances there are of a serious injury or death occuring.

Banning aluminum bats is not the answer. Unfortunately, tragic accidents will still happen with wood bats. And then what? Do we ban wood bats too? And become the Little League Wiffleball League. I can't see it!


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