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Always have fuel on the ice with a gas trailer

Updated on December 27, 2013
Split Fuel Tank Gas Trailer
Split Fuel Tank Gas Trailer | Source

The weather is turning cold, time to go ice fishing

The weather is turning cold and that means it's almost time to go ice fishing. This year, instead of having to haul plastic gas containers to your fishing spot keep your generator going, turn to a gas trailer to store the extra fuel you need.

A portable fuel trailer from Gas Trailer can be taken anywhere thanks to its durability, which is why it can be used when you're ice fishing. What makes a gas tank trailer so durable is the different materials that it's crafted from that include top quality aluminum that won't rust along with sturdy components, such as high grade nuts and bolts, wiring, and additional accessories to match.

Those durable materials combined with a design featuring a Diamond Plate Surface Pattern on Fuel Tank on a Trailer creates a piece of equipment that can withstand the rigors of the road even if that road happens to be a frozen lake or river. Plus, one comes with a fuel tank that has received a special permit from the Department of Transportation.

A Pro 110 Industrial gas trailer.
A Pro 110 Industrial gas trailer.

Fuel trailer options for using on the ice

Currently, Gas Trailer manufactures an assortment of fuel trailer models that feature various fuel storage capacities. For example, the Pro 110 Industrial gas trailer has a fuel storage capacity of 110 gallons, ideal for extended trips out on the ice. Basically all you have to do is fuel up at your gas trailer at a local gas station, make your way to your ice shanty, and worry about fishing and nothing else since you'll have a large amount of fuel to use.

In contrast, if you only head out for short trips every now and again, then the Traveler 20 Manual model might be the way for you to go since it features a fuel storage capacity of 20 gallons. In addition to those fuel storage capacity options, there is also the Contractor 55 Manual that can store up to 55 gallons of fuel that provides you with a mid-range fuel storage option.

This Contractor 110 Deluxe gas trailer is ready to go!
This Contractor 110 Deluxe gas trailer is ready to go!

Additional gas trailer selections to use on the ice

The choices don't stop there either when it comes to the gas tank trailers that are offered by Gas Trailer due to the fact that the Pro 110 Industrial FTS model is also available for purchase along with the Contractor 110 Deluxe.

Now, it might sound like all of these fuel trailers are the same, aside from their fuel storage capacities, but they're actually all a bit different. Reason being, they have varying features such as the Pro 110 Industrial FTS model that comes with a fuel transfer system or the Contractor 110 Deluxe model that has an electric fuel pump.

Each would be good for using when you're ice fishing.

Other necessary ice fishing supplies

Along with using a fuel trailer to keep your generator running when you're finish, there are other fishing supplies that you need to have a safe and successful ice fishing trip.

For example, bring a lot of warm clothes. Sure, you might be sitting inside a nice, warm shanty when you're doing your fishing, but that doesn't mean you might have to go outside from time to time. Like, when you have to store your catch or use the restroom. So, make sure you have extra clothes so you're not cold yourself.

On top of that, some other necessary ice fishing supplies include:

  • An auger to get through the ice.
  • Blankets.
  • First aid kit.
  • A chair, bench or stool to sit on.
  • Fishing gear such as bait, poles, hooks, pliers, and etc.
  • A container, cooler, or bucket to store your fish.
  • Cell phone in case of emergencies.
  • Food and drink if you're going to be out fishing for awhile.
  • A sonar system to track the fish.
  • Something to read if the fish aren't biting.

The inner workings of a gas trailer. Pictured here is a fuel transfer system.
The inner workings of a gas trailer. Pictured here is a fuel transfer system.

Other places to use a fuel tank trailer

On top of being a good choice for using when you're ice fishing, a fuel trailer is a good option for using in other situations where fuel is required. They include:

  • At a dock or boat landing - If you're tired of having to drive your boat somewhere to get fuel, just use a fuel trailer to avoid having to do that all together.
  • At a cabin or remote camping area - When you're camping, you want to be able to enjoy yourself, so, the last thing you want to have to do is stop everything to get gas for your ATV's or other motorized toys. With a gas trailer around, you can get everything refueled in minutes to keep on having fun.
  • At an airport hangar - Fuel prices at the airport can get pretty high. So, take out the middleman and bring your own fuel.
  • At a construction or logging work location - Avoid work stoppages by having the fuel you need on hand.
  • On the road when you're traveling - Nothing is worse than running out of gas on the side of the road. So, to keep on trucking, bring a fuel trailer with you.
  • At a fleet rental business - If you own a fleet rental company with a lot of vehicles, having one on site would eliminate making repeated trips to the gas station.
  • At a car dealership - Keeping cars ready for test drives is easy with one around.

Versatile fueling at your finger tips

As you can see, a gas trailer is a piece of equipment that is extremely versatile and is a valuable piece of equipment to have around whether you're on the ice fishing or in need of fuel elsewhere.

Visit where you will find information, testimonials, and photos on the many options that are available.


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