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Am I the Only One Tired Of Brett Favre?

Updated on August 18, 2009
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1st Retirement Press ConferenceBrett Favre Joins The New York Jets!Brett Favre In A New York Jets Uniform!Brett Favre In a Vikings Uniform!
1st Retirement Press Conference
1st Retirement Press Conference
Brett Favre Joins The New York Jets!
Brett Favre Joins The New York Jets!
Brett Favre In A New York Jets Uniform!
Brett Favre In A New York Jets Uniform!
Brett Favre In a Vikings Uniform!
Brett Favre In a Vikings Uniform!

Well , Am I?

First of all, I want it to be known that I don't dislike Brett Favre. (That's for all you Brett Favre fans out there.) I actually like the man. I think that Brett Favre is a shoe-in for the NFL Hall Of Fame.( If he EVER retires...for good!) The problem that I have with Mr. Favre is that he is ALWAYS retiring! I'm pretty sure that THATS the problem!

At first he retired from the Green Bay Packers after a great season in which they almost went to the Super Bowl. Now, when you end a great career on such a sour note, its bound to hurt. The emotions were evident at his FIRST retirement press conference. Number 4 cried and showed all of the emotions that a Hall Of Fame quarterback should show. We felt sorry for him and asked questions ourselves. Questions like, " Why Is he retiring? He had a great season. They have a pretty good team. They could probably go ALL the way next year!" At least that is what I was thinking...

Then a funny thing happened right before the start of the 2009 season. Brett Favre decided that he didn't want to retire. He told the Green Bay Packers that he wanted to come back. But there was a problem. The Green Bay Packers had already moved on without their number 4. They had practiced all summer with their number 2 quarterback, Aaron Rogers.

They had drafted him the year or two before, and he was patiently coming along, learning everything that he could from Brett Favre. Sitting on the sideline, watching, waiting for his chance. When Brett Favre retired the FIRST time, he thought that this was his chance. That he would finally get a chance to prove himself. But when Mr. Favre decided that he didn't want to retire, the Packers had a dilemma.

They could either go with their trusty quarterback, Brett Favre. The one that got them to the Super Bowl years ago, and almost got them there in 2008, or they could look to the future and develop the number one draft pick, Aaron Rogers. Much to everyone's chagrin, the Green Bay Packers chose to move on to the future... with Aaron Rodgers. There was no longer anymore room in the Packers organization for Brett Favre. So Brett Favre decided to take his services to the New York Jets.

During his stay in New York, he had a pretty good year, I think. The Jets almost made the playoffs under number 4. He seemed happy. He was back at quarterback and he was playing again. Stroking that competitive fire that all athletes talk about. But after the season was over, he decided that he was going to retire again. And here we are!!!

Just recently, Brett Favre has reportedly inked a deal with the Minnesota Vikings. They were courting him over the summer and it was reported a couple of weeks ago that he had decided to stay retired! A couple of weeks later and nothing, but then those rumors of number 4's return kept creeping up. ESPN reported just last week that an unknown source from inside the Vikings camp had said that Brett Favre WILL be their quarterback. And then this morning, blam! He's baaaaaack!

The problem with Brett Favre, in my opinion is not that he can't make up his mind. It's the fact that he keeps retiring! Like I said before, I like Brett Favre, but he needs to stop retiring! Hey Brett, I have a suggestion. Instead of retiring at the end of every season, just sit out at your house in Mississippi and check out all of those requests that you will get from other NFL teams just begging for your services! Just your presence alone in any teams locker room is more than enough to get that teams morale up a hundred points!

Its all good for Mr. Favre. This time your trip down retirement lane has earned you a reported 10 to 12 million! Not bad for a guy that was ready to retire...again! But is Brett Favre worth that much? Yes, he is! Brett Favre's skill and knowledge of the game alone has EARNED him that kind of salary. He can walk right onto the practice field of ANY NFL team and throw the football like no other quarterback. In this era of free-agency where the veteran players are being kicked out and replaced by younger, possibly stronger studs, Brett Favre is the one constant. He proves to us everyday that an older guy can STILL play in this league!

I just hope that this time that he doesn't retire again. This time, I hope that when Brett Favre decides that he doesn't want to play anymore, that he just goes off into the the true football hero that he is!

A small note about the word EARN. In an earlier hub I wrote that was named, "Michael Crabtree's Dilemma" I have a small statement that I would like to add to that hub in reference to Michael Crabtree...

Hey Mike, do you see what happens when you EARN in the NFL? Do you see how the entire NFL is entranced with the Brett Favre story and everyone else is kind of disgusted with yours? Do you know why that is? It's because Brett Favre EARNED his reputation in the NFL? You haven't earned a thing! IN the NFL you have to PROVE yourself first! Then you get the money because teams will know that you are worth it! I don't care what you did in college! If you haven't caught a ball in the NFL, then you should get exactly what you are worth, and right now that is the salary for the number 10 draft pick! If you don't like it, you can go back to earning what you were earning in college! Nothing!


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    • NightFlower profile image

      NightFlower 6 years ago

      Let me just say kw...I think I love you lol.

    • SimeyC profile image

      Simon Cook 8 years ago from NJ, USA

      He's a great player - but surely this is one team too far!