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American Fantasy Football

Updated on March 4, 2008

Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is a fantasy sports game that arranges the participants into a league. Each of the team drafts are aquired by auctioning of a team of real American football players. You score points based on those player's stats and performance on field.

Typical fantasy football leagues employ different players all from the same football league (I.E. NFL or NCAA). The leagues can be arranged so that the winner is the team with the most points at the end of the season or in a head- to- head format.

The top three fantasy football providers are CBS, ESPN, and Yahoo!.

Yahoo! Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football Leagues

There are three different leagues- dynasty, keeper, and redraft leagues, each consisting of 8 to 16 different teams.

  • Dynasty: owners are allowed to keep as many players as they want from their previous season, which can cause the draft to have only rookies and unowned players.
  • Keeper: owners are allowed to a few of their players from their previous season, eliminating them from the draft.
  • Redraft league: each owner starts without any players and drafts an entire team throughout the season.

Salary Cap Leagues

A salary cap basically means that each player has a set salary. It, also, creates a set maximum of total spending for each team.

Fantasy Football Draft

Each year, the fantasy football leagues have a draft that allows the teams to pull different NFL players, who are kept on the team unless they are dropped or traded. In most fantasy football leagues, players are not allowed to be owned my multiple teams.

Types of Drafts

Team players are drafted via three main formats.

  1. Serpentine draft: the draft order from the 1st round is reversed in the 2nd and reversed again in every other round after.
  2. Standard draft: the draft order is maintained throughout the season.
  3. Auction draft: owners have a set budget and can bid on different players.

The draft is the most important day in fantasy football, so it's important to pick the right players for your team.


Fantasy Draft Roster

Each team must have a set number of players in order to qualify as a team. The owners must determine, each week, which players will start and which will be benched.


The owner of each team must decide who from the team roster will start the game each week, these are the only players who will score any points.

Here is a common starting lineup:

  • 1 Quarterback
  • 2 Running Backs
  • 3 Wide Receivers
  • 1 Tight End
  • 1 Kicker
  • 1 Special Team

Of course, there may be variants to the starting lineup, which usually is determined by the league.

How to Score in Fantasy Football

The players earn n almost all cases, players earn points for passing, rushing, and receiving yards. The points may be positive to benefit the team or negative to penalize the team; it all depends on the player's performance. A typical scoring format follows. Again, there are many variations used:

  • -2 points: every interception thrown or fumble lost
  • 1 point: 25 passing yards
  • 1 point: 10 rushing and receiving yards
  • 1 point: each extra point made
  • 1 points: per sack by the defense
  • 2 points: per turnover gained by the defense
  • 2 points: safety made by defense
  • 2 points: each blocked kick
  • 3 points: each field goal made
  • 4 points: passing touchdown
  • 6 points: rushing or receiving touchdown
  • 6 points: for each touchdown scored by the defense Fantasy Football commercials


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