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An Explanation of Fair Weather Fans

Updated on February 18, 2013

Who are they?

Instant fans. Fans you never knew existed. People who suddenly claim to be die-hard fans for a well-performing team. These are the fair weather fans.

Let the Cheering Begin

Sports fans are a unique group of people who rally around specific teams to identify with them and to show their support. The individual fans are as varied as the multi-millionaire who owns a franchise to the man on the street who shows his team pride by wearing the same baseball hat everyday of the week. While the differences of fans are unlimited, there are two broad categories that every fan can fit into: loyal fans and fair weather fans.

The Makings of a Fan

What makes a person a fan? There are many factors that go into that answer with the main ones listed below.

  • Location- choosing a favorite team based on one's hometown or native state

Just like you are a fan of your high school basketball team because you are a part of it, locational fans cheer for their team because they are are a part of the city or state. This is the most basic and obvious reason for being a fan, and these fans will be most loyal to their team.

  • Family- identifying with a team because a family member is a loyal fan

When a parent is a loyal fan, a child is exposed to that team most often and is likely to follow in fan loyalty. Even brothers, sisters, and marriages have influence over team choice because having a favorite team in common adds closeness and opportunity for mutual entertainment. Unless a someone is a die-hard fan, they can easily change team loyalty for family ties.

  • Colors- rooting for whichever team has the the best uniform (strange but true!)

Occasionally, someone with little or no exposure to sports teams will choose a team based on looks. Colors, designs, and style are the most important factor when someone wants good in their team gear.

  • Performance- selecting a favorite team because of their performance during a particular season or game

As a spectator observes teams casually, he can become a fan of a team after a game or seaon as they do well and provide high quality entertainment. This happens to people at all ages including kids, teens, and adults who enjoy watching a team perform in their prime. From this point, a fan can become a die-hard or a fair weather fan depending on their individual loyalty.

  • Popularity- becoming a fan of a team because it is popular at that time

A fan who cheers for a team because it is the popular thing to do often changes his loyalty. When friends or acquaintances begin to voice their opinions, talk about the games, and ask about what one thinks, a fair weather fan will start to follow the team that is worth talking about.

  • Players- pulling for a team because one is a fan of one or more of the team's players

Individual sports stars are often what makes a team entertaining. As these players rise to the top and provide exciting highlights, they often make fans of their own. Peyton Manning is one of those players who brought fans of his own to following Denver after being released from the Indianapolis Colts.

Some people always cheer for the #1 team. This is the true fair weather fan!


For the die-hards (loyal fans who are proud of their teams despite ups and downs), fair weather fans are a mystery. Why would someone suddenly purchase fan gear and voice their support of a team that has just recently begun winning? Well, the answer may be the foundational reason that the die-hard has chosen his team: entertainment. For some people, being a loyal fan to their team is as personal as having a religion, but regardless of a fan's dedication, the purpose of being a fan is simply for fun and games.

So, in conclusion, fair weather fans are not the most dependable supporters of their teams but are instead cheering just for the fun or popularity of it. Love them or hate them, if they are rooting for your team, that's a good sign.


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